Bumper Plates


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Wow... expensive stuff.

I couldnt find real bumper plates for less than 200$ for a pair of 45s.

There are plenty of cheaper "bumper plates", but they are jsut rubber coated or just have an inch thick ring of rubber.

Do any of you know of a better price for real bumper plates?

I am looking at building a home gym before the end of this year. So far I am going with the powertec power rack, the FID incline/flat bench mentioned in another thread, and making my own platform. I figure a pair of 45 bumper plates should last me for a while... well maybe not.
I am wanting to go to bumper plates this year, also.  I was looking at prices a few months ago and the best reputable stuff I found was Wichita Falls Weightlifting.  Wichita Falls Plates  If you can afford more than just the 45 lb plates the package deals appear best.

This is associated with Glenn Pendlay and you can, in fact, contact him at glennpendlay@yahoo.com to ask questions.  He also has a line of bars that looks interesting.