building a chin station


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Was wondering if anyone has built a homemade chin station out of pipes and stuff. Ive seen the one with the bar in the door way wall but the girlfriend doesn't seem to keen on me doing that.

Try here for some inspiration!
Long time coming - but that ol'Weider bike had it's cards marked a long time ago... Aaah, twenty minutes later it was a fully functional Formulater/Pegasus2 rip-off!
Very cool TDM. Lots of great ideas. I'm gonna make me a grip machine.
I have built a chinning bar with piping bought from home depot before. It ends up beind solid enough, depending on what you build it on. I suggest doing it in the garage or the basement, depending on ceiling height. If ceilings are low, you have to bend your knees in order to chin, which can result in reduced range of motion and more likelyhood of cheating.
If you can get hold of a stud finder, or just use a small nail to find the center of your ceiling joists, mark them and drill for what we call "eyebolts". You screw them right into the joists, and slip your pipe through short lengths of chain, that go up to the eyebolts and are bolted to them with bolts, nuts, and washers. Put fingernail polish on the threads for threadlock. Very neat, strong. The holes can later be filled with spackling compound using a putty knife, then painted over.

edit: use a 3/8" eyebolt and drill with a 9/32" drill bit.
(quadancer @ May 09 2007,22:42)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">spackling compound</div>
What's that then Quad? Is it the same stuff we Brits just call filler.
Actually, caulking shrinks a bit, so we use it for inside corners, where it pulls into a nice neat, rounded corner. Like tubs, trim edges and the like.
Spackling paste retains it's form, so it is used to fill small holes, cracks, and other imperfections on level surfaces, is sandable and usually only requires one coat.

If you can see the nail holes in your trimwork, someone probably used caulk. Too many yohoho's?
Just setting the record straight.