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I'm new to Weight training, and I'm formulating a supplement/nutrition plan on a very limited budget.

Does anybody use NOWfoods supplements? I've noticed they're very cheap compared to other brands. I don't know if this is because they're lower quality or what. Any feedback on use of this brand or opinions about a beginners (me) supplement plan would be much appreciated
NOW is a reputable company. their quality is as good or better than the other cos. & many people use their products.
I use NOW products, never had a complaint yet. I think the lower prices are due to them not spending excessive amounts of money on advertisement in the bodybuilding magazines.
My supp depot guy showed me how the NOW stuff is pretty much the best bang for the buck. I use them now and then, but I always walk in and first say, "What's the deal of the day?" He's always got whey or something on sale that I can't do without.
A lot of what you pay will depend on where you go. Knowledgable gym rats don't use GNC, for instance. Or buy things at the mall. Sometimes grocery store deals are really deals; check the contents.
(soflsun @ May 20 2008,7:50)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">I agree with the above concerning quality...but their whey isolate is absolutely HORRIBLE tasting!!!</div>

i use their UNFLAVORED whey isolate and love it for its non-taste...you can add any flavoring you want and it's perfect

US $5.00 flat shipping (total) no matter what the order is, products are high quality and on the cheap