Best Cable Exercises


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I just purchased a cable crossover machine and would like to know what you think are the BEST cable exercises for doing a whole body workout .
I got it to do cable flies because I keep injuring my shoulders doing dumbbell flies, trying to get them into position.
Sonny, you probably already know this but in case you didn't you can go to and look at the different movements for the body parts and they list the movements using BB, DB, Leverage, Cable, Machine. Plus they list the articulations involved, which I find tremendously helpful. With your prior arm injury I would look seriously at the articulations of the movement since you don't want to cause usage injury to another part.
OT, which one did you buy and do you like it?
<span style='color:BLUE'>Yep !
I went there Dan . There were a lot to choose from .
I got the Body Solid it comes with a lifetime guarantee .
I do like it a lot . It is real smooth in the movements.
I already have a lat tower with high and low pulleys on my Power rack.
However, in my humble option no home gym should be without a crossover.
If you (me) think about it for a moment. Any exercise you can do with a barbell/dumbbell you can also do on the crossover.
I don’t know why I didn’t get it years ago.
All I want now is the row machine and I will be complete ……..
Yeah Right! I’m sure I’ll want something else later.

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I used to do Standing Pec Crossover with my high's. But ever since I screwed up my pec minor doing dips I have concentrated on dips and havent done crossover's since, now if I'll ever take the same approach to DL then I'll have it made, but the idea of hurting my back or legs to get form correct isn't too appealing :D

Merry Christmas Enjoy your new toy
I have some Body Solid equipment, but not the cable crossover, and think they are a top notch manufacturer :D