Anabeta (Anacyclus pyrethrum) assisted cycle


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I decided to try out a supplement called Anabeta which has been getting mostly rave reviews on several forums (I have found a few naysayers). Note, I’m not going to link to the product site or sales sites since I am not advocating nor trying to sell this product, just trying to offer what I feel is my own, hopefully unbiased insight into its effects. Here is a link to what it is.

And a link to the only study of its effects I am aware of. Note that this is a rat and not human study.

Here is a list of reviews of what people are expericning. Note that this list is being compiled by a sales rep:

Here is a quick rundown of common comments

Takes 3-4 days for most to notice effects some take 7-10 days
Increased vascularity
Intense workout pump that last all day
Increased muscle hardness
Increased appetite
Increased thrust
Increased libido
Diuretic effect after dosing
Enhanced mood

Fedex delivered the bottle 4 days ago just after my Pull workout so I started taking it right away following the standard recommend protocol of 1 cap pre-workout, 1-cap post workout, and 2 more spread throughout the day.

Within an hour of taking the first cap I felt a general calming (mellowing) effect combined with an enhanced feeling of focus (no spacey-ness). (note: at this time I was in a very pissed off mood do to more BS going on at work so I’m not sure if I would have had as noticeable an effect had I already been in a good mood). This effect lasted throughout the day. However, the since then either the mood enhancing effect has abated some or I’ve just grown accustomed to being in a better mood and less pissed off.

For most of the first day after starting to take it I had the runs. However, after the first day this went away.

I can’t say I’ve notice any increase in muscle pump during the workout however, the first day I took it post (pull) workout I did need someone to help me pull my shirt out of the rolled up sleeves when I got to work. The last time this happened was when I tried the 25 rep myo-rep workout. Today after (push) workout I measured my upper arm flexed at 14.75” which is only .5” bigger than my last pre-workout flexed measurement (I haven’t ever measured post workout before). So nothing I wouldn’t attribute to a normal post workout pump. Note that I think I am dehydrated from working outside all day for the last 2 days backed up by my body weight being 1 pound less than last Friday.

I did seem to have quite a bit of post workout vascularity in my forearms today but since I’ve never paid attention to that before I can’ say if it’s more. As I type this about an hour and a half post workout most of that vascularity is gone. I wanted to take my blood pressure to see if that was getting screwed with but couldn’t find the power adapter for the machine so I’ll have to look again an try to figure out were the hell I could have hidden.

So far I’m not noticing any of the other common effects like increased hunger, thirst, libido etc. . . .

I will keep this updated as I notice anything new or no additional effects.
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Well I’ve been using the Anabeta for 10 days now. At day 7 I upped the dose to 5/day from 4/day the recommended starting point. The extra cap is taken pre-workout as I’ve seen recommended.
I don’t feel like it’s having much if any effect, except that the day I upped the dose it gave me the ****s for a couple hours again. The initial feeling of wellbeing seems to have tapered off or I just got use to it, can’t really tell.

So far I can easily say the NO explode gives me a much better pump and makes me much more energetic and want to push more weight than anything Anabeta is doing. Hell even popping a caffeine pill pre-workout when I was cutting gave me more energy and aggressiveness.
Ok the last couple of days since I upped the dose to 5/day, the extra taken pre workout, I’ve gotten a bad headache at the base of the back of my skull which I’m 99.9% sure is blood pressure related (the .1 is just because I still can’t find the power cord to my BP machine).

So today I didn’t take any Anabeta pre workout and for the first time in several days I felt great. Because I didn’t start right out developing a headache I felt more energized and stronger throughout the workout.

I was planning to try it again tomorrow to get confirmation on what it was doing but now I’m considering just stopping it altogether since almost 3 weeks in and I’m not noticing any upside to my workouts but actually a downside.
I didn’t take the Anabeta again today and had one of the best feeling workouts I’ve had in a long time. So at this point I’m throwing in the towel on Anabeta since it not only doesn’t seem to work for me but actually felt like it was hampering my workouts.
Well from reading all this, I'm going to go ahead and stay away from that stuff. How much did it cost you? Funny how some of these supplements will run you more than a cycle of testosterone would.
I got it for $50.00 for 120 cap bottle. The only reason I even tried it was because of all the people raving about it with only a few naysayers. I think next time I’ll let a new sup stand the test of time before I jump on the bandwagon. Still it could always just be that I don’t respond to it but I know my body extremely well and can be quite sure that all the effects or lack thereof I noted were real and not placebo.

Too bad I’m too lazy to find a doc that will give me test. I got my level tested during my last physical (my doc gave me a funny look when I requested it). I don’t remember the numbers but it came back in the above the normal range for my age so no way a legit doc is going to give me a script. Plus I made sure to get tested during an SD and after not taking any type of sup that might raise it, so the numbers should have been legit.