An Aspirin just before the workout?

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  1. I've been wondering if there could be any kind of benefit to taking something like an Aspirin just before a workout. It may sound like a dumb question, but there does seem to be alot of interest in the use of Aspirin for so many things. Some are even mentioning to help circulation, lower PB, etc.

    So if any of these claims are true, would increased blood flow make workouts more efficient or something.
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    On the contrary Dom, that is the most interesting question I've heard in quite a while. It sounds logical to me that thinner blood would flow faster to help heal muscle tissue. However, i don't know if that is true or not. That would make for a very interesting controlled study.
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  4. Thanks for the link
    I realize many people are making a choice with Aspirin.
    They are choosing between side-effects or death, which isn't much choice to my way of thinking. If you're afraid of dying of a heart attack or suffering a few side-effects...well :confused:
    The core content of my question should have been:
    Is there information available indicating there a legal drug or supplement that increases blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, or enchances blood flow that could actually make an improvement in workouts, recovery or in general be of enough benefit to warrant to use of it in bodybuilding?
    I'm interested to know if enhanced blood circulation, beyond that created by exercise can make an improvement
    in training.
    Sorry, maybe this is one of those world class newbie type questions. My background is not Exercise Physiology if you haven't guessed it already. :)
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    Here's an excerpt from this article (

    The International Olympic Committee banned cortico steroid use in 1975. Most of the Eastern Block countries did not even blink. Their athletes were already off the anti-inflammatory drugs and performing harder, healing faster, staying healthier and maintaining their ranges of motion all through the use of safe Systemic Enzymes. What are Systemic Enzymes? These are a synergistic blend of protein cleaving enzymes that have five primary actions. Systemic Enzymes are:
    1. Anti-inflammatory. Hydrolytic enzymes are the primary anti-inflammatory agents of the body.
    2. Fight Fibrosis, from scar tissue to fibrotic cysts, the enzymes eat them.
    3. Modulate Immune Function. If the immune system is depressed, as happens after hard training, the enzymes boost function, along with creating more Natural Killer Cells and White Blood Cells to kill germs. If the immune system is operating too high, as happens in Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis, the enzymes down shift immune function and eat the Circulating Immune Complexes the system is making to attack the patient's own tissue.
    4. Cleans the blood of dead debris the liver can't handle on it's first pass through, leaving the blood freer flowing and better able to carry oxygen and nutrients.
    5. Opens clogged circulation. Fibrin forms the matrix for arteriosclerosis. Systemic enzymes eat away at the matrix, dissolve the fat that holds the blockage together and bonds onto the heavy metals that reinforce the clog carrying them to the bowel for deposition. Enzymes have been doing all this without creating dangerous stroke and heart attack causing embolites. European doctors have been using oral Systemic Enzymes for over 40 years without ever having a single patient die or fall ill from using the products!

    Here in the US, we have the planets best systemic enzyme in Vitalzym, from World Nutrition. It has replaced Ibuprofen, aspirin and other enzyme products in NBA, NFL, Major League Baseball and NHL training rooms.

    Also, from the dosing article...
    To Aid Physical Training:
    3 capsules, 2 times a day.

    I take them (Vitalzym) 2, sometimes 3x a day.

    Hope this helps.

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    I wonder if anyone would take information from Dr Wong, with a grain of salt?
  7. I went over to the site and looked up the systemtic enzymes. I noticed at the bottom of the page something about a caution - if you are using anti-coagulants.
    So, I guess you'd conclude these enzymes do work to increase blood flow.
    Now...I'm wondering if there is any substantial benefit to bodybuilders using them.

    I think the quote is a pretty big statement. I think I'd really like to read a little more, or maybe I should say I need a little more convincing. Ninety pills for $30 bucks converts to $1.00 a day, which is the price of 10lbs of Whey Protein that I know works.. LOL

    Heck, I don't mind doing the Flax Oil, Omega3 FishOils, Protein, L_Glutamine, L_Carnitine, and other assorted vitamins. I'm just beginning to stink...I've got so much junk in me. I had dinner with a friend the other night and he was taking his after dinner garlic pill and spraying behind it with his atomizer breath spray. Funny [​IMG]
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    Jumping back to the aspirin discussion for a second- a daily low (83mg, or "baby aspirin") has been proven to prevent first as well as repeated heart attacks. There *is* a possible danger, even with such a low dose, of hemorrhagic stroke or prolonged bleeding when you get a cut (I take low-dose ASA, and I notice this when I nick myself shaving, but I can live eith that). ASA (shorthand for acetylsalicylic acid, or asprin) is not a blood thinner in the usual sense- examples of blood thinners are heparin and coumadin (or warfarin) which are used in patients who've had a heart attack or at risk of deep vein thrombosis, to name two conditions. ASA actually works on the platelets to keep them from sticking together- sort of a "teflon treatment" if you will. As a result, ASA works on a different part of the clotting cycle.

    As to the effects of ASA on bodybuilding, there is some potential concern that it could negate the prostaglandin release we all count on for increasing size. I've actually looked into this with a pharmacologist friend of mine (there's no literature on this). He said that even with normal dose aspirin (two tablets, or 650mg), it is highly unlikely that the prostaglandin-blunting effect of ASA (that's how it relieves inflammation, btw) will negate the effects of a workout.

    That said, I don't know that I'd take ASA before or after every workout. Whether or not it is beneficial in increasing blood flow to skeletal muscle is an open question, but my bet would be no. One could reasonably hypothesize that certain antioxidants like Vitamin E as well as EFAs would do that, though- there is some evidence that they increase blood flow to the brain.

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    take fish oils over asprin

    try to avoid chronic high dose anti-inflammatories
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    I've been taking 2x650mg capsules of ginger powder. I don't know if it does anything for anti inflammation, but it's a good naseau stopper.

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