A supp for preworkout energy boost...? Sleep aid?


I'm looking for something to help out in the energy department prior to workouts...
I workout in the late afternoon, so large amounts of caffeine isn't helpful (although I sometimes will down a coffee, but this usually effects my sleep)...I'm cycling carbs so on those off days, I can feel pretty drained...not good when into the late 10 and 5 rep phases!
Also, I believe a good, solid sleep is very important to recovery... But I have a hard time getting a good sleep.
I usually wake 5 or 6 times a night (even when taking a zma at bed time)...
Anyone take a good sleep aid you could recommend?
Mct (coconut oil) works as a charm for me although I think you should be keto adapted (been following If for a year with all carbs after training)
I started using waxy maize with a combination of bcaa's and glutamine during my training sessions about two months ago. This seems to help me while training hard where as before I would only take BCAA's and glutamine prior and during.

As for sleep aids, you should consider looking at what you're doing two to three hours prior to going to sleep. Diet and any sort of stimulus may be causing you to you not get proper rem sleep. Stress always seems to be a leading factor also.

P.S Heroine will knock you out for the night. :)