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    when i have done my 1st block of 5s..i cant do negatives because i have no training partner..do i do another block of 5s.....and if so do i up the weight slightly from the last block of 5s..or could i do say 5 sets of 3.(more weight) instead of 3 sets of five...or is 3 reps not enough. :confused:
  2. Just continue with your 5 Rep max for an additional week or two. If you can add an increment in weight during this time then go ahead.
  3. Does this mean to continue doing your 5RM every workout? So for 3 to 6 workouts (1 to 2 weeks) you would do 2-3 sets with your 5RM for every exercise with no incremental increase?

    What is the rationale for this again? What does it help and why does it work?
  4. Yes

    The rationale is that once into weights like the 5RM, the stimulus can be extended without increasing the weight. We need to think of this in a as Bryan puts it "analog" mode of thinking. In other words it's not all or nothing. You will still receive a good amount of signaling even if you do not increment the weight up, when speaking of heavy weights. This signaling can go on for some time. Now if you can increment during this time then go ahead it surely won't hurt you.
  5. Thanks dkm. I always look forward to reading your posts.
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    cheers dkm ..amd nice to see you on uk.m again i think you might make a few converts..certainly no one can argue with what you say. :D
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    should i put some drop sets on the 3rd and 4th weeks of the 5s

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