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    HST and 5x5

    can you guys give more detail on how you run your 5 x 5 workouts. are the first two sets warmups or are all 5 work sets. do you reach failure on any sets? how many workouts per week, how many exercises per bodypart? thats alot of questions but i've been thinking seriously about alternating...
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    conjugate confusion

    aaron or anyone else in the know, I was thinking about trying some conjugate training and i've been doing a lot of reading. my question is when you see the supplemental lifts after max effort sets it will say for example 3 sets x 6-10 reps. are these sets to failure? how much weight do you...
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    HST Workout Thread

    just about to start fifth cycle. Cycle 1 to 4 looked like this: Bench Press One Arm Row Incline Bench Press Chins Push Presses Curls Squat Calf Raise Abs Six weeks on one week off 15's one set each exercise, 10's two sets first exercise per muscle...
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    Rugby training

    Henk8, what position do you play? i played second row and always found it difficult balancing the need for great endurance, strength and power. i agree a program centered on squats, deadlifts and benches is the best way to go but i think heavy weghted chins gave me the ability to rip balls...