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    bench press weight ratios

    <div> (nootnerd @ Mar. 09 2006,06:01)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Gee, thanks Mr. &quot;HST Expert&quot; Aaron_F, if you can't answer my question then it'll be relegated to retarded status and be forever ignored...</div> Aww, did somebody put your nappy on too tight...
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    Calculating ure Daily Calorie Needs

    you dont know your activity factor, its all a great big guess either way. Get a figure, try it and see what changes in bodyweight you have. Adjust from there.
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    bench press weight ratios

    too variable to give an awnser
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    California Barbell

    Hes an idiot?
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    Olympic Lifts

    depends on the coach, some do a lot of exercises, some just do cleans, jerks and snatches Just because the Oly lifters measured are flexible, fast and high jumpers it doesnt mean that oly lifts made them that way. They would ahve aided for sure, but the top oly lifters would have been flexible...
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    Morning Training v Evening Training

    Why no caffeine? There is a few issues with lifting first thing in the morning. Usually the joints are not warmed up as they would be after a days activity prior to the session. This can be aided by spending some time warming up the body, longer than is needed in the evening. Can be additional...
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    Do pain killers reduce the hypertrophic response?

    Depends on the state of the problem, but recovery is more important than training sucks, but its a part of life
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    chicken only anyone?

    so the doctor doesnt like the cholesterol from beef, but the cholesterol from eggs, chicken and whey is ok?
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    John Berardi

    comparing meals including protein to a completely deficient meals is completely nonsensical.
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    Kidney stones can i still take protein supplements

    best to ask your doctor, im guessing you are going to a specialist for this? Dont ask him specifically about protein from supplements, just protein in general
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    Do pain killers reduce the hypertrophic response?

    Potentially they will reduce protein synthesis. However it will depend on dose and duration. Either way, chronic use of anti-inflammatories is not really recommended. If you have an inflammatory disease state, high doses of fish oils may decrease the inflammation, but there is also potential...
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    New study

    it should be winging its way around the world shortly
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    New study

    well lookie, its letting me post again I like Rhea's latest paper, its interesting and his charts are fantastic and creates an excellent visual of the effects. But some of the volumes appear to be a bit skewed by the low population numbers within some of the data. basically in the May 04...
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    dietrich Bucenhholz system!

    Please note that there is no such person as dietrich Bucenholz or however we spell it, DB Hammer by any other name. It is a ficticious character made to promote a product. Generally its interesting, but nearly impossible to decipher becuase of his pathetic writing style, alteration of common...
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    Protein/Creatine and Renal Function

    its not the old one from EJCN? or one of peter lemons?