Where'd you get your username?

Mine was my CB radio handle (back in the 1980s) when I was driving for a living. Back then, I chose the name from the movie 'Dune.' Remember the Navigators and the Spacing Guild? They used their minds to 'fold' spacetime and move spaceships around the universe, and thus made space travel possible. Since I was always on the move, the name stuck real well.
Great topic idea...

Kihara is the "school" of aikido I practice. So I think of myself as a kiharan.

Ki--energy or movement

"Moving Center" aikido, based on principles of continual movement and awareness of personal or shared center of gravity.
Nice thread!

I remember reading an ad in Muscle & Fitness 2 or 3 years ago. A pretty nice six-pack was depicted, and the ad read: "If you've got 'em - flex 'em!"
I've always been fascinated by a nice set of pecs, so the combination of the two became: Flexipecs ;)
Well, my nick started out as Steve, then sorta turned into Stevo, and then ste, and I stuck the 7 in place of the t, just to be 'leet' .. Haha..

Cliff notes:

Stephen --> Steve --> Stevo --> Ste --> s7e

I am trying to get it shorter.. but just can't seem to figure it out. ;)

Love the off topic post.
My interest in a certain category of supplements led me to use this nick.

It has been my pen name since the mid nineties.
nematic is the phase of liquid crystals used in most LC displays.
For a living I develop LCDs for use in airplanes.
It's always been my favorite exercise!

And after 20+ years it's had a clear effect on my physique.
[b said:
Quote[/b] (Dianabol @ Nov. 26 2003,6:42)]My interest in a certain category of supplements led me to use this nick.
It has been my pen name since the mid nineties.
From AE, etc.?

If so, nice to see you around.
Mine is from my favorite movie TOP GUN! I have always wanted to pursue being a fighter pilot. Maverick one of my first choices but one of my favorite cars is a Viper so I guess I got two for the price of one! ;)
I do some graphics design/screen design as part of my job. Hence I work with pixels.

My previous login name RainerWolfcastle came from the simpsons character. Rainier is an Arnie like film actor who plays the McBain action hero.
My name is Firm (short for Firman). When my oldest son was in high school his friends started called me Firminator - like in The Terminator. The name just kinda stuck - even now, years later, they still call me that when they see me. Sounds a little funny for a 50yr old but I guess Arnold is even older than me. ;)

Who remembers the old Jell-O commercial:
"Hey kids! Get out of that Jell-O Tree!" ?
I do, hence the name. It made no sense and was right up there with the talking Mrs. Butterworth ads. I swear, marketing agents were on crack in the 80s.
mild-mannerred Clark Kent was born as Kal El.
I was born as Clark. Maybe I'm hoping to become Superman. :)
HST is helping my metamorphosis :D
Brixton, London, England.
One of the oldest parts of London.

A 'vibrant' (i.e; many riots.. :confused: ) colourful town, where I grew up.
I did manage to escape, only to return, years later, to Police...

I'm Polish. My first name is Edward. "Edziu" is a Polish nickname for Edward; it's the equivalent of the English "Eddie."

Actually, "Edzio" would be like "Eddie." "Edziu" is more like "little Eddie. . ." Which is its own joke for my nickname, since I'm 6'5" and about 235. Most friends call me "Edz" (pronounced "edge").
My first name is Andy and I was born in 74, then since Andy74 seems to always be taken, I added a 1 to it. Not the most creative name I admit.

It might be interesting to say once I reach 741 posts in any forum, I completely stop posting. But since that's not true, I won't say it.
Someone very special I used to know used to ask me frequently if I was feeling restless. I usually was/am, so I ended up using it as my nickname in the first forum I used. I'm registered in a pile of them with this handle.