The gym is defo a catch22 situation


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My heads a bit screwed recently so for the first time in years im questioning the point of hardcore training.

I have one point and one question.

First off does anyone else think going the gym is a catch22 situation?
I mean you spend all day in the gym, eatn well and not drinking (alcohol) and you look the part, problem is no-one knows it because your a boring t*%t. Iv been like that for a while now and it dawned on me that since im not a poser and wear jumpers when im out, you can hardly tell i go the gym, so this idea of going the gym to look good is a bit flawed.
If you go the other way, which I have the last few weeks and party the night away, you eat rarely, you eat crap and you throw it up later, ie you make no progress.

So its either look the part while your sitting on you own with your tins of tuna, or hit the town and waste all that time in the gym. Anyone agree???

Now for the question...

How much does a hardcore, sick several times night out effect your progress??? Can you party and grow??? (remember your gona be out for 8hours and the only thing your gona eat is a takeaway and thatl be reappearing soon)
If you're spending "all day" in the gym, or even more than 1.5 hrs, you're working out too much. Even if you're doing 2x a day am/pm that would be only about 2-3 hrs max. More is not better.
If you're routinely drinking enough to make yourself puke that's also a problem. Another case of more not being better. Alcohol can reduce your Test levels, not to mention you're spewing up all your nutrients, degrading your esophagus, and trashing your digestive system. Yeah, I used to do that occasionally, but really got tired of feeling like crap the day after.

To me, it's not just how I look that makes me workout, it's how I feel and how I will continue to feel in the future. Staying physically fit and strong will keep many of the negative effects of aging at bay.
Well, if your goal is only to look good, then I can see why you might end up not thinking it is worth it. Personally, I work out because I feel good when I exercise regularly, and I feel like crap when I don't workout. (That's why SDing so hard, heh)

It's up to you - what's a priority for you? If it's having fun, then go do that. You can always come back to the gym in six months, once you've gotten it all out of your system.

Or... you can do both in moderation.
yeah this is definately a personal issue. There is no intrinsic "point" of training. If you're not really into it, it's doubtful you'll achieve meaningful results.

As far as drinking enough to throw up regularly, I dunno. That's pretty awful. Have you really been that unable to learn your limits?
Omg, so no-one sees my point??

Im only 21 so im not fussed bout the aging effect.

At the same time iv been training for 6years and do love it (and cudnt give it up for 6months), you all sound like perfect gym goers and make me look really bad!!
Doesnt anyone else ever go out for a nite out and just go mad???
[b said:
Quote[/b] (ian @ Mar. 23 2005,10:55)]How much does a hardcore, sick several times night out effect your progress??? Can you party and grow??? (remember your gona be out for 8hours and the only thing your gona eat is a takeaway and thatl be reappearing soon)
Well, if you're talking about like once a month or something, probably not a big deal. I just got the impression you were doing this a few times a week, (like I used to), which will certainly hurt your progress a lot. As I said, alcohol WILL reduce your testosterone levels.
Lol, il be looking 22 in no time

Was just wondering, wana get the right balance, been havin loadsa nights out recently so wanted to know how much it was effectn me. Cant afford to go out for another 6months now, so il be back to normal soon.

Nice one tho ;)
I go through the same thought processes as you probably 2-3x per year.

With me it's different though, I have such a fast metabolism and low appetite that if I eat according to my hunger I will lose 5 lbs. per month. If I get sick, that becomes 5 lbs/WEEK.

So I go through cycles of losing and regaining the same 15 pounds of bodyweight over and over again.

Recently I embraced training not for look but for performance and health, and so far that's kept me more motivated than muscle gain, which in my case is only temporary anyway.
Ian, yeah I know what your saying. Why be a boring a$$ sitting at home, or at the pub sober, when you could be drinking it up having a good night, chatting up the ladies with that certain confidence that only alcohol can provide ;)

Just dont go out so often. And I suggest when you do go out, start later and finish earlier*. You should still be able to have a decent time, but not totally write yourself off.

* purely theoretical. Despite best intentions it'll be 4am and you'll still be out, schooner in hand and lining up for a kebab.