Steroid Cycle


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Hi all, I’ve been searching info and reading reviews for a lot of time.
Do not want to spam, just need opinion.
I am 27, 175cm, 80 kg, 12% KF, dealing for 4 years with motor sports.
I plan to test first 500mg.
I eat relatively clean, kcal 3200-3600 g a day, 3-4 l water per day, vitamins I try to take from healthy food.
I have strong and defined legs, as from the very beginning I attached great importance to this. This is definitely better than my upper side.
I’ve had 12 weeks to check my blood values. Everything is very good. Liver tests/ cholesterol / bloodwork/ cardiologist, is all clear.
I have a specific question to the community.. I have read so much and heard about what would you advice? Did anybody have experience with them? All my friends keep saying they are the best easy.
Workout: training 5 times a week 60-90 mins. Every 5 days I burden the same muscle.
What would you recommend me? any advise will be good.
My advice would be to build some natural muscle before you incorporate PEDs. At your body weight and age you should be able to gain an appreciable amount of muscle in the first year or two of training. For the most part the users on this forum are natural and I doubt you will get much advice. However there are other online resources with users more knowledgeable in these areas.
If you are looking for advice on setting up a good program to use during a cycle, we can help.

If you are looking for sources, this is not the place.
have already reached a plateau, i am stucked with my weight.
not looking for source. looking for advise regarding these guys.
Googled it, there is a company called that I think maybe legit, but who knows what is good or bad as everyone seems to get good and bad reviews, if you know someone that has ordered and gets their goods delivered every time then that suggests they are gtg
am back with results. i took the risk and ordered from them. and to my surprise, received my staff very fast. will take a picture when 'll be home and show you.