Rounded Shoulders


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Last question for the night and im not happy I dont know the answer.
I have a really good back, but useless shoulders and it makes me look like iv extra rounded shoulders. Top and bottom of it is although I have a good amount of muscle and am fairly lean, without big ball like shoulders, I dont look like a bodybuilder, I just look big.
It makes any kid that comes into the gym in a vest look bigger than me (to me) even though i've probably got 5stone on them.
As I said I should know the answer to this and my guess is genetics, but ive heard a few reasons.
1, a competition standard bodybuilder in my gym said it was because I spent the first couple of years in the gym doing heavy deadlifts, hence my shoulders pulled down and meant they rounded off?
2, I saw some lads training in a gym (doing shoulders), they werent that big, but coz they were cut and had big shoulders they looked big. A friend of myn said it was simply because they injected into their shoulders, therefore they grew quicker or had excess water there?
3 (&my favourite) i rekon everything in the gym is down to genetics and as much as it pains me to say it I think iv got rounded shoulders and there gona stay like that?
I think I know the truth and dont wana except it (number three), but if anyone wants to tell me im wrong and give me tips theyd be welcome.
Thanks Ian
A lot of BBers get that rounded shoulder look from doing a lot of bench press work in their early years and ignoring the rear delts. That tends to overdevelop the front delts at the expense of the side and rear delts. You might try side laterals and rear delt raises and lay off the shoulder presses for a few months. Also, consider eliminating bench presses, especially severe incline presses, until you balance out a bit more to your liking. I don't think the deads hurt you. It is more likely your pecs and front delts pulling your shoulders a bit forward. However, you obviously cannot totally eliminate the effect of genes although they can be minimized.
A lot of bbers get the rounded shoulder look from doing steroids, which preferentially grows the shoulder girdle muscles due to higher concentration of androgen receptors.

So the current bodybuilding culture's concept of "good shoulders" ends up meaning "steroid shoulders." Now if your shoulders aren't great by normal standards, keep doing presses, maybe add some isolate that presents a stretch, and see what happens.

But usually a muscle that is poorly shaped or naturally small when worked just becomes a larger poorly shaped, naturally small muscle. So don't expect any miracles
Thats encouraging, so if i want good shoulders ive gota start on the steds. lol
When i think about it though, the only people i know with really good shoulders are on the juice (as its known round these parts).
I've also heard that using steroids will make the ratio of growth different.. if shoulders are one example of where a muscle group grows more than normal without steroids, what other musclegroups are affected similarly?

Just wondering if you can actually see if a dude or dudette has been doing them, or if they are naturals.

There are two issues here.

One is rounded shoulders which are typically caused in a BBer as I stated above. Structural genetics can also play a part but working on posture can help with that.

The "ball" on the lateral deltoid look is most likely due to genetics. I have seen skinny guys who don't lift have those type of shoulders. However, you can always improve upon the hand that your parents dealt you.