Replaced bench with push-ups...

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My shoulder has been a little strained lately so I switched to push-ups and I have been more than impressed with the results.

Of all the compound pec exercises I have used, bench, dips etc. weighted push-ups are awesome. I do them with steel handles so I can keep my wrists straight and provide better ROM for a good stretch. My shoulder loves them and the best part is you can really 'feel' and target your pecs working with every rep.

I highly advise anyone to give them a try if you are unhappy with your pec development. For me, I'm sold on them for being the best compound pec exercise.
I've done it with plates on my back, but it gets hard when you are using more weight. If you have a partner, I guess it would be easier. Also, it's good to use something like a little block or whatever that you can touch your chest to, to make sure you are going down far enough. A lot of people practice horrible form with pushups.
I agree though, with proper form, pushups can be a great exercise.
Dont be a lamb get back on the bench press.

Just kidding!

Joe G
I used to do these back in my martial arts days. I'd load my school backpack with dumbells and phonebooks and my cat, all firmly stuffed in there. It gets unstable let me tell you.

They're good, but the instability turns me off.
I tried it a long time ago and i always remembered it straining my lower back once the weights got a bit heavier. Maybe be careful of that problem too.

Yes, adding big weights is definately a problem. I use a backpack that can be loaded with about 50 lbs with no trouble. Make sure the weight is on your traps to lats area. After you reach your backpack limit you can use power cords (kinda like bungee cords) that are rated for various resistance levels. You can get up to 300 lbs of resistance going with no weight on your back. Only $32....very cool. I will be sending away for them once I work past my backpack limit.

Here's a link for the power cords: