question on dropset and rest

YEs. First my question on rest or SD. When I first read about SD, I recall only needing to take a week off. But after reading some articles here, it says to take at least 9-12 days off. Which one is it?

Second, can someone post the link to the topic on dropset for HST. I am just interested, but I am bad at searching. Sorry.
SD - At least 9 days... doesn't really matter if you go up to 11, 13, 15 etc days.... the more you take, the better the SD, but the higher chance of atrophy. Find your happy medium.

Look in the FAQ forum man. There are only 2 pages worth of threads.
Hello xxfunguy007xx2000 :)

How long you should SD also depends on some other factors, most of which we probably can't come up with a clear, empirical formula to apply to each possible scenario.

However, we have a few tips at our disposal as long as we remember some details:

1.) First, we SD because we want to decondition our muscles. Our muscles get conditioned (that is, adapt to the loads we lift) because of our training. Therefore, it is generally true that, the longer your cycle, the longer you have to SD.

2.) Our SD makes the muscle decondition (unadapt) because we refrain as much as possible from "using" the muscle - that is, exposing it to a significant load. Ideal SD would probably be lying down motionless for the entire duration of SD, but since we have a life to live, we just go with what we can manage. So generally, the more active you are with activities that present almost regular and significant strains on the muscles, the longer you would probably have to SD.

3.) You generally cannot SD on an "installment" basis - that is, if after merely 5 days you suddenly had to exert a muscle group(s) to a condition similar to a moderate to heavy workout, you generally can't just forget that happened and SD for the remaining 4 days (if you scheduled SD for 9 days for example) and expect the muscle group(s) involved to have been deconditioned as adequately.

Hope that helps :)

The longer you SD, the batter the next routine will "get you" if you know what I mean.

A long SD usually gets growth going right in the first few workouts of 15's.

It should be dependant on how much conditioning you have from the previous cycle, and maybe if you are nursing some "nasty" injuries.

THe guys are "dead on" right.