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    It is truly tragic to see what has become of the US government. I voted for Trump because he is the least worst pick from Billary and a dope smoking independent.
    Trump would never have won if he had just a normal candidate running against him.

    For those friends abroad, FYI, it is true that most Americans are so disgusted with our politicians that Trump can get elected president. If we scrapped both major parties and started over, things would be way better.

    I like WFB's proposal from years ago: pick random people out of the phone book to be in office. Only 1 term, no reelections. No "senior" members of congress. All on an equal playing field. Zero campaign contributions allowed. The government pays for all candidates to get equal time on e.g. PBS for debates. No commercials/ads allowed. Zero! Everyone gets equal time to address major issues in a debate format. You accept a bribe or kick back during office you go to jail. Period.

    This is the only way I see to restore sanity in the system.
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    All the liberals would suddenly all have 50 landlines! Gotta stack the book.

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