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I saw this ad from EAS about Nitron 5, was wondering about it, here's what they say it contains: Nitric Oxide, arginin, ornitin, niasin, evodiamine, gypentosides and extracts from black pepper.

I'd laugh and go 'thats bullcrap' but thought I'd ask here for opinions or know-how.

There's not really any conclusive evidence that NO products aid in hypertrophy. They can give you a good pump, and in a recent article I read there was new research out of Texas I believe that indicated the increased blood flow may aid significantly in nutrient/amino acid delivery to the muscle cells, but there's really nothing solid. The pumps give a nice psychological boost, but you can get that with arginine which is a lot cheaper than all NO products. Arginine or AAKG is usually the main acitve ingredient in those products. Now Foods has a nice AAKG pill that's fairly cheap.
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Quote[/b] (Calkid @ Mar. 11 2005,12:33)]does this NO have a similar effect to viagra?
Anecdotally, yes. I'm not aware of any research that shows it increases blood flow to the penis anywhere near as effectively as cialis or viagra.
"Although a rare occurrence, men who experience a bicep pump for more than 4 hours should seek medical attention."

Sorry, couldn't resist.
NO is a vasodilator, and doesn't have a long half life in vivo . . .not to mention that prior to it's discovery as an endogenous vasodilator in the mid 80s, it was recognised as a poison . . . .throw this in with the fact that your vessels get all the dilation they can stand when you workout . . .and I think it's $$ saving time