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I just started my 5's and it was way too easy to do. I was thinking maybe it was because its the first workout of the 5's, but I don't remember the 15's or 10's being this easy. I did my max's at first and I'm using the same increments as before. I barely even got a pump today. I noticed I got a lot stronger in the middle of the 10's, so I don't think my max's are my max's anymore. Do you think I should up the weight a little or just finish the cycle? I plan on retesting my max's for the next cycle.

Note: I just started eating incredibly good (S2B diet) and started taking supplements (this may be a reason why as well)
I've adjusted some of my weights during a cycle. Several lifts have felt too light to me so I simply wrote in a few new weights for those lifts. It has worked fine for me and seems to be in keeping with the "rules" of HST.

I haven't hit my 5s yet, but I wouldn't think that even the first day would feel too light.
Yeah I was expecting them to be really hard. I found my squat to be 130 for my max at 5's. Well I'm doing 105 right now and I'm like this is way too easy. I started doing them a lot slower and I added one more set for a total of 3 just to get some sort of pump.
I'd just keep doing what you're doing, and adjust when you hit the negatives part.

Also, I started doing metabolic sets on the 5s.
Sun-Tzu san

Try to execute your maxes for the 5's range, if that too has become bearable, then yes re-think up the weight and start again (from the 5's that is).

IT happens when you get stronger ion a cycle that youhave to re-think things a bit, nothing radical.

Hello Sun-Tzu :)

Yep, guys here are perfectly right, there's no need to worry about anything. :)

As long as you got your maxes right by testing them instead of guessing, you don't really have to do anything. Stick with them until you finish and just take note of how easy it was and max out on your last workout or last few workouts (the negs probably). Or adjust the weights if you want, but that might get you into trouble if you end up overestimating the weights. Whether you adjust or not is really inconsequential, IMHO, as long as you tested your maxes right before you started, because what's more important is the load progression. "How heavy" would only be an issue if you are really far from the 80-90% 1RM range, but, again, if you tested your maxes right, that won't be an issue.

Great work, keep it up

Thanks DKM

Do you do 2 sets of 5's and then drop sets or one set and then a drop set? I'm thinking this is probably what I need to do to get that pump I'm talking about.
I went with the 1 set for 15s, 2 sets for 10s and 3 sets for 5s routine. (I'll probably adjust this to 2 sets for each period my next cycle, after hearing from dkm that TUT isn't as big of a deal as load increases, and I follow all he says blindly ;) )

Anyway, I do my whole 5s workout, 3 sets per exercise. Once that is done, I repeat all the exercises (almost all) for one set of 10-15 reps.
Thanks for replying.

How long does your workout take. I mean running through it all again after I'm done would add at least 20 minutes. I'm already pulling 1 hour right now. Wouldn't it have a bad effect since you go catabolic within the hour?

I tried the drop set for a few exercises yesterday and my CNS was shot today. I'm dragging @$$ right now. Should I limit it to one time a week?
Yeah I believe the FAQ says do it for one workout, then give it a rest for the next two workouts, then try it again. Guage how often you can do it from there on into the next cycles.

I did my metabolic sets every workout, and only on the last week of the negatives the CNS fatigue caught up with me.

Remember, the point is to shoot for the burn, not failure.

My workout takes quite long, but I believe I mentioned in another thread, that it's because I chose to do waaay too many exercises (around 15). My next cycle will consist of 5-7.
The negs and 5s along with metabolic sets last near 2 hours. Yes that's bad, but that's a mistake on my part.
Thanks. Maybe I should just do less weight on the drops. The burn and failure happen about the same time for me.
Sounds like you should. Did you ever come by the customizing thread? You could try some of the techniques vicious advocates, such as pulsing.
If anything, use lighter weight and lower the tempo.