Milk vs Water with protein suppliments...?


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I just can not mix my protein in water, makes it taste nasty. I was just wonder.. if there were any downsides to mixing milk instead...? Milk will cause a slower absorption, but does it really make a difference?

I drink a pre and post workout shake.. I currently use primer/driver. Along with 5mg of creatine ( HSN of course
) mixed in the preworkout.

Just wondering....

Oh, and also..

If you say... drink your creatine with water.. and then you drink milk right after the creatine.. Wouldn't that be basically the same as mixing the creatine with milk?
Dont worry about it, the effect of a cup of milk on the gastric absorbtion would be insignificant in the big picture.

If you want to take it, just do so in whatever doesnt make you want to puke. Just remember the calories involved :)

I take any protein shake with milk becuase it tastes like crud otherwise.
Good call! Hehe. Oh, and calories are not a prob...

I have lost a good bit of body fat (around my stomach).. people even notice.. and my weight is the same... meaning I put on some muscle and lost the fat. Seems me eating healthier is working out pretty good..