Is Load Progression Necessary For Hypertrophy?

Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by mikeynov, Jun 29, 2019.

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    Thank you @NWlifter !

    "I myself am pretty positive the stimulus in general is more of a time vs load scenario, as a single rep with a 1RM will not stimulate more hypertrophy or even close to as much, as 3x12 for example."
    That makes sense, but I understood it more along the lines of more of a "load+time" calculus.

    I'm way behind on the analysis/understanding compared to you all, but any idea of if "upregulate/metabolic stuff" can improve the 15/10/5 blocks? Either:
    1) Do a week or two of metabolic "stuff" before starting the "normal" rep ranges? Or,
    2) Mix in a day or two of high rep myo-reps throughout a cycle when things start to slow down (in the 10s and 5s) as a way to add stimulus/recovery, but continue with the normal weight progressions. Or,
    3) A one or two week bridge between cycles.

    I asked based on a short stint I had with high reps before. I bought Borge's Myo-Reps e-book (~4-5 years ago?), and I hit the gym consistently for several months back then. Hard training 5-7 days per week was quick to a burnout though. I wasn't tracking weights (I ignored the templates, and basically maxed out each session for that rep range), but I did a full body split of:
    A)Light (~25-30 myo-reps)
    B)Heavy (3-5 reps)
    C)Medium (~10-14 reps)

    The "light" days of 25-30 myo-reps were tough training during the workout, but I felt great the following day. They seemed to speed up my recovery! So, without me going crazy on volume, I wonder if some myo-reps days would work for a kind of rehab day throughout a cycle.

    And, kind of related. Anyone know if high rep myo-reps can serve as a "Hacked Strategic Deconditioning" 2 week training block? "Hacked" in that the lifter is still progressing for those two weeks (metabolic style fun), but still allowing the muscles to become desensitized enough for the heavier weights of the 15s/10s/5s?
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    The main thing is, regular training obviously works. (5x5, 4x8, myo-reps, higher reps, lower reps, etc.) the idea with HST is to 'hack' the system and gain faster. We have no idea what our individual 'fast' vs 'slow and steady' gains might be, so it's hard to judge these things.

    Some of the older Russian information (they supported it with older studies and science and some logic), was saying we do need some metabolic for sarcoplasmic increases (which increases the gel protein matrix that energy is stored in) otherwise we'd stall on fibril growth. I don't know how true that is, but it is partially possible.

    I think HST has the setup right, 15,10,5, then you get a couple weeks of each phase, you end up with the whole 'schmear' so to speak. No matter what though, our bodies can only adapt as they 'can adapt', we can stimulate all we want but it's the response that really limits us.

    (btw the abbreviated group has a lot more variation in training than just the 2 day a week stuff, that's just the main theme's suggestions, but lots of us train more than that. The whole thing with it is sustainability, and is really relative to the individual)
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  3. Bryan Haycock

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    Strategic Deconditioning really only works if the stimulus is removed. It is true, there is specificity to the stimulus, but the overlap between metabolic and mechanical stimulus is such that even if you only have one, you are still largely maintaining the repeated bout effect.

    In saying this I do not mean it wouldn't be interesting to try though... I'm just saying the outcome would be different than complete stimulus removal.

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