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Does one have an advantage over the other? The liquid drinks cost more.. A lot more actually.

Will the pill give me just as much 'energy' as the drink? How much longer before I actually get the extra 'energy'?

Any more info would be great... Sorry if the topic has been beat to death...

I am pretty much booked all weekend and gotta workout now and, not much time to do some searching. :confused:

Gotta order me some more suppliments Monday, and finally get to try the Primer/Driver.. Can't wait.
Dear s7e,

To date I have yet to read any study done on liquid and non-liquid versions of EC. The best bang I ever got for my buck was to get generic E and generic C in tablet form. This is probably the general consensus.

In the HST FAQ, there is a dosage protocol for EC to maximize its lipolytic effectiveness. Such dosage protocol would be hard if you had a liquid source of EC. Hard tablets are easier to cut and estimate dosage-wise.

Godspeed, and happy HSTing :)