Can DLs and Hack Squats be compared?


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I was wondering if I can replace my DLs with Hack squats.. Right now I do both during my 15s but when things get a little heavier I do not plan to do but one and it will not be every workout.

When I do HS I feel the same stress in my lower back, glutes, etc.. but I feel more in my quads as well.

I personally think the best combination would be Leg Press + Goodmornings...(compound knee extension + hip extension)
Since I workout at home, I can't do leg presses...

Whats seems to work for me (what I currently do), are leg curls, leg extentions, hacksquats, and deadlifts.

I just started with the hacks this cycle and I like them (I used to do them when I did a 3-day split). But when things get heavy.. I am planning to drop one of them (to take it easy on my lower back) and doing the other, every other workout.

So basically, I am trying to find out which to drop, the hacks or the DLs when I get in my 5s.

I actually think I could handle doing hacks every workout when I get in my 5s, since they do not put AS much on my lower back compared to DLs. But I think I am still going to only do one exercise every other workout in my 5s.
To create a good bridge between the two, THIS IS THE ONLY CASE...I would opt for barbell long as you can keep the loading progressive (which would mean you can handle more weight than on the hacks and keep the loading linear).
I can't even do BB Squats... sigh...
Dumbell squats can be effective. I noticed some sprinters going thru an entire dumbell workout the other day. Approached the coach and chatted w/ him for a while... anyways I've started incorporating dumbell squats as a precursor/warmup to barbell squats. I like them and also use dumbells for SLDL's sometimes... just a thought.
Try it and see :)

One cycle with the change will show a difference, or two. its not going to take all the time in the world and you get a bit of change in the routine :)