Browners New Powerlifting Log

Do you try and replicate a WSBB style? I'm assuming 'no', based on the IG clip. Not suggesting you should/need to either, necessarily.

That's not a horrible # compared to your max squat though. The box is usually 10% less-ish, is my understanding.
I try for a little more 'hips first' and I try to keep a little more of a perpendicular shin angle but apart from that I don't really change anything
Squat w/wraps
225 x1 @7
235 x1 @8
250 x1 @9

150 x1 @6
160 x1 @8.5
165 x1 @9.5

Belt Squat
120 X10 @8
120 X10 @8.5

Leg curl
60 x12 @6
70 x12 @9.5

Leg Externsions
61x15 @6
61 x15 @8

Reverse Hyper
40 x15
40 x15
As close to my competition style Stance as possible at the moment. May change as still playing around with the new belt squat machine

Saw it on 349's page (or Hindle's, can't remember which). Those style, the bigger ones that look like cousins to power racks, look like a lot of fun. Like a leg press that does something useful.
Bow Bar Reverse Band Squat w/belt

215 x1
225 x1 @6
235 x1 @7.5
245 x1 @9
175 x3
175 x3

2ct Pause Bench
140 x1
150 x1 @8.5
155x1 @9
140 x2

Feet up Bench
100 x15 @9

Incline plate machine
120 x8
120 X10
120 x10

Kroc Rows
42.5 X10
42.5 x10
42.5 X10

Seated Rows
120 X10
130 x10
130 x10
Had a great session tonight jumping in with some of the conjugate crew. I don't think high block pulls have much carry over to the raw competition deadlift, but they're fun and at the moment that's what training is about for me at the moment. Comp in 6 weeks but basically just doing daily maxes untill then with no real plan or structure

18" Block Pulls
200 x2
220 x2
260 x1
280 x1
300 x1
320 x1
Loaded 340 but it didn't budge

5 rounds of the below Circuit
A)SSB wide Stance good mornings x12
B)Pendulum Squat x15
C)Leg Extensions x30

Leg Curls - 200 total reps
They’re a good way to work grip if you ditch the straps. I did it to help get my hook up to 300+ in 2019z
It was only that last single I did with straps as I tore a callus off. Although with hook grip I don't think grip strength is as critical

I just liked the high blocks because they were fun
Today was a very down day in the gym

Daily max high bar squat of just 195. Either down to being a bit dehydrated or to much accessory volume last week (or perhaps the two combined)

Just will do singles the rest of this week, and limit accessories to just 2 upper back exercises per day for just 2-3 sets