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    Thanks for that.

    What are these?
    And did I miss hitting any important muscle groups?
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    T-t-B are where you hang from an overhead bar (eg. a chinning bar) and with straight arms and slightly unlocked knees, raise your toes up until your feet/ankles contact the bar. If that feels too difficult for a set of 10, try knees-to-chest. Preferably, the bar will be high enough to allow you to hang without your feet touching the floor.

    You haven't missed any important muscle groups but in any one workout it's not possible to target everything optimally. Use your selection for a cycle and then next cycle you may want to add in some form of deadlift once or twice a week. Deadlifts are a great mass-builder.


    I guess one other thing I wish I had added to my training early on was some kind of regular lower-back movement that involved some eccentric work for the spinal erectors. Deads, squats, rows, cleans etc. all provide plenty of isometric work for the lower-back but some eccentric work is a good idea too. Reverse-hypers performed on a GHD machine if you have access to one are a good idea.

    This is an interesting variant:

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    In that case would this be a bit better?
    +Dumbbell row (but again uncertain what order to put that in.)
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    Yeah, that looks good. You could alternate pulldowns with db rows. Do the db rows on the days you squat and the pulldowns on the days you deadlift. It'll save your lower-back a bit.

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