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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by imported_andré, Nov 16, 2002.

  1. hi everybody,

    I´ve been eating for size for about a month now. Though i like it, i still get to get accusomed to it i guess.
    ( the calories i mean, and my f****** waistline)

    One thing i did like was at breakfast to start eating the eggs as an addition to my oatmeal i already ate for months.
    Up till now ive been eating 8-10 eggs ( 2 whole eggs plus 6-8 whites) either baked or scrambled (in a tablespoon olive oil)
    bit pepper on top:thats it.

    Butttttt: since about a week it takes me a lot of courage to start preparing them, dont feel like eating them anymore.
    Maybe all psychological, i dunno. The taste for them just is not there anymore.

    I wonder, can i take the eggs raw instead, mixed in the blender right with my pre and postworkoutshake? ( for example 2 eggs in preworkoutshake and the others in my postworkoutshake)

    I read somewhere that i should be carefull no to get salmonellabacteries in. That i could get sick of that.
    Somewhere else i read thats only a very small risk, because one out of 3 million eggs has salmonella.

    Would it be an advantage to take the FULL raw eggs ( all 8-10 of them i mean) added to my shakes because of the anabolic effects some claim that whole eggs have above
    taking the eggwhites-only.
    I know, a lot of extra fat come with the yolks. are these the good fats?
    Eating to grow at the moment, so i guess the extra fat would not hurt that much.

    all opinions wellcome,

  2. vicious

    vicious New Member

    Have you tried eggs with tobassco and salsa? Mmmm.

    I think it's fine eating them raw as long as you eat them with your shake right away Salmonella and food poisoning issues are low as long as the raw eggs do not sit around.

    Egg yolks have ~5 grams of fat. Taking in 8-10 yolks is another 400-450 calories. Yolk has lipotropic (fat utilizing) substances (lectichin, choline, inositol) and other substances to emulsify cholesterol. On the other hand, it has rather high amounts of araichidonic acid (74mg / yolk), which hurts hormonal profile.

    IMO it does more harm than good, once you exceed 2 yolks.

  3. Bryan Haycock

    Bryan Haycock Administrator Staff Member

    I would not suggest that you eat raw eggs.

    Even if you refrigerate your eggs right away after purchasing them, you don't know what they have gone through from teh time they left the chicken. It has been documented several times in the States where durign shipping and storage they haven't been kept at safe temperatures...before they are ever purchased by the consumer.

    If you're sick of eggs I would just try to eat something else. Its just not worth getting really sick.
  4. Calkid

    Calkid New Member

    A (sort of) related topic:
    I know eggs are the common source of casein, which is the slow-absorb protein. What about milk?

    I'd love to be able to get some casein before bed, but I've recently spent more than I'm comfortable on supplements. I'm wondering if there's some food I can consume before bed that would replace casein supplementation, and it would be great if milk could do it.

    Anybody know?
  5. vicious

    vicious New Member

    Egg protein is casein?

    Milk protein (or cottage cheese) is mostly casein. It's a good source especially if you drink the low-fat variety (to slow down absorption.) Egg protein works pretty slowly. Most animal protein works slowly if eaten with some fat.

  6. PPP

    PPP New Member


    Eggs do have some good fats, omega-3 and omega-6 to be precise. You're Dutch, so try to buy "het ei van Columbus", which has a relatively high amount of these good fats (and isn't that much more expensive).

    Personally i would never eat them raw.

  7. he Pieter,

    "het ei van Columbus":are you kidding me?
    daar heb ik nou nog nooit van gehoord ( behalve dan dat ik weet dat dat een uitdrukking is): is dat een type ei of zo?
    waar koop je dat dan?
    persoonlijk koop ik gewoon de kooi-eieren bij de C1000 ( 1 euro voor 10 stuks),
    ik weet t zielig voor die kippetjes. maar ik eet een doos per dag dus tja beetje duur anders die scharreleieren.
    ik overweeg echter wel de duurdere als daar veel meer stoffen inzitten die hypertrophy ondersteunen/promoten.

    hoor graag wat van je, alvast bedankt.

  8. stevie

    stevie New Member

    actually i vaguely remember reading that the protein in the raw egg is not as easily digested or assimilated or something like that. Apparently 30-50% less protein is utilised by having it raw.
  9. vito

    vito New Member

    it was my understading that the yolk would be fine (actually better ive heard) to consume raw but the white would need to be cooked to denature the albumin
  10. yes, and what i also read is that if you heat the eggs (by boiling them or baking them ) you change the structure of the protein found in the eggs in such a way that the benefits of the protein will be lost almost completely.

    so apparently : raw eggs may cause infection with salmonella, and could also mean poorly digested/assimilated protein,
    while baked or cooked eggs will simply lose most of thier protein benefits.

    oh, and i also heard about this 49 year old bodybuilder who takes 18 ( eightteen !) WHOLE and RAW eggs each day,
    for the last 25 years, doesnot use steroids ( he says so ),has normal cholesterol levels,
    and looks absolutely great IMO. i saw his pictures on one of these sh***y bodybuildingboards elsewhere on the web.
    (i know i know i shouldnot visit those boards. sorry,
    but they have great stories!!!!)

    eggs or no eggs i am growingggggggggg

  11. vicious

    vicious New Member

    I'm telling you Andre . . tobassco and eggs, you don't ever get tired of that! :lol

    I think the only real problem with digesting egg whites is if the sulfur content is too high. Couldn't the "cooked argument" be made of raw meat too? (Is the BBer a raw foodie?)

  12. dunno, but i am sure going to give the tobasco a try tomorrowmorning!!
    by the way , maybe stupid question, but salsa, is that a kind of ready to use sause out of a jar or something like that?
    the only salsa i know of is a carribbean dancestyle.
    we in holland or so dumb and dumber.

    bye Jules
  13. arcturus

    arcturus New Member

    Hi Andre, I live in New Mexico and we have lots of varieties of salsa, it's practically our national dish!
    It is literally a "sauce" but in this context it usually is chunky, not "pasty", and consists of tomatoes, jalapenos or other chilies (hot peppers), onion, garlic, salt, dash of vinegar. Sometimes a dash of sugar helps with the acid of the tomatoes. You may have to make your own, it's not hard, even I can do it. ;) . You will need to finely dice the tomatoes, onions, and chilies and then add the other ingredients to suit your taste. Tabasco is definitely an easier route but home-made salsa is worth waking up to a plate of eggs for. I usually have my eggs on top of a serving of potatoes with the salsa on top. MMMMMMMM
    luck and peace,
  14. vito

    vito New Member

    i never quite understood why heating a protein source would harm the protein, i mean isnt that the whole point of digestion? to denature the proteins we ingest into amino acids and short peptides for assimilation? heating food should theoretically assist this process unless the protein in question is denatured by heat into a structure different than that which it breaks down to in low pH and is then treated by the body as a sort of "fiber" and excreted, which to me seems as silly as it sounds. what i meant by stating that the yolk should remain raw was to protect the fatty acids from oxidising and then forming into trans fats and then plugging up my arteries much like andre might have done to a dam in his youth, or so they tell me. [​IMG]

  15. vicious

    vicious New Member

    I usually prefer a "fruitier" salsa (large chunks of tomato or tomatillos) with a little heat from jalapenos and tobassco sauce. In fact, salsa and eggs are fine with a minimum of yolk. Yolk gives it that lightness, but the whites (and milk) are important for body. What's important is the condiments, the layering of your flavors. Throw in the salsa, some grated jack and cheddar, mushrooms, onions, and some slices of ham. A tablespoon of low-fat sour cream can give the whole unbelievable mouth flavor.

    Really, I could eat this all day. :)

    He's right, but keep in mind that one egg yolk only has 0.7g of polyunsaturated fat (the fat which can convert to TFA.) 5g of corn oil has ~2.8g. Three ounces of salmon has 3g.

    Perhaps the way people oten cook eggs is problematic. Sauteeing or frying does cause rapid oxidization, but even then the total cooking time for eggs is usually under 2 minutes.
  16. arcturus

    arcturus New Member

    MMMMMM, Jules, we should start a recipe thread . . . or would that be a "floss"? [​IMG] How about this for breakfast: huevos rancheros on corn tortillas, red salsa, grated cheddar, sour cream, tomato garnish. With recipes from all over the globe (Mauritania, Singapore, Australia, Netherlands, New Zealand), it would be the "international delights" thread, or "eating for thighs". :D
    As you have pointed out, many times the lack of growth is due not so much to lack of training as lack of sufficient sustenance. If we can keep Andre's taste buds happy, they will be coming back for more.
    onward and upward,
  17. PPP

    PPP New Member

    Hey André,

    Ik maak geen grapjes, dat ei bestaat echt. ;)

    Ik koop ze bij de BAS (ik geloof 1,39 voor 6 - dus wel iets duurder, maar dat maakt mij niks uit want zoveel eieren als jou eet ik nou ook weer niet. Ik ben meer een kwark/vlees mens ;)

    Ik las trouwens in je dieet dat je profitar neemt als supplement. Vind je dat proteine supplement niet afgrijselijk duur? Bovendien krijg je echt bizarre weinig proteine per 100 gram (tenzij je profitar plus neemt, wat weer duurder is - of heb jij een goedkoop adresje?). Kijk hier eens: http://www.sportvoedingonline.nl - een beetje vaag webwinkeltje, maar supergoedkoop die proteine (de goedkoopste die ik tot nu toe heb gezien, zelfs bij hercules zijn ze duurder).

    Eet ze!

  18. stevie

    stevie New Member

    the same theory does apply for meat. From my understanding, lightly cooking the meat aids protein digestion but overcooking lessens the quality of the protein.
    Cooking food is the equivilent to partial pre-digestion. Complex carbs are broken to simpler carbs by cooking (hence food gets sweeter upon cooking eg carrots, onions etc) (GI also increases upon cooking carbs- hint, eat cold uncooked oats).
    In terms of egg fat in the yolk, if you boil the egg, you can leave the yolk runny which might help. Or take the yolk out altogether if you are paranoid about fats.
    That brings me on to my pet hate. Those morons whose daily diet consists of one of the following: McDonalds burgers and fries, deep fried chicken and fries or pizza. In addition to 20-40 units of alcohol and 70-100 cigs per week! Yet these same guys preach to me about how eating more than 2 eggs per per day is REALLY bad for my health!!!!!!!!!
  19. thanks Pieter,

    will continue in english ( beetje aso van mij om in het nederlands te beginnen),
    Where do you live, i mean ive never heard of the BAS supermarket. Anyway i found a maybe similar healthy egg
    called het viergranenei, for the moment i will continue taking them. I am still a bit bulking ( not too much bulking though but gaining a few pounds every two or three weeks, have to take my increasing bodyfat level into consideration ( 17 % is too much but i WILL diet down from april on ) LBM gains are going according plan so f*** the accompanying fat for the moment.
    So youre a cottage cheese and meat guy uh? good choice man , i eat these two things as well on a daily basis ( meat half a pound bieflap, biefstuk of draadjesvlees ( approx 250 grams, grilled on table grill)mostly for dinner on HST days, and as for cottage cheese i take the Albert Heijn version: i eat one jar of 500 grams( low fat version )giving 55 grams of slow protein, 0 gram fats and minimal carbs, together with very small amount of musligrainmix ( no sugar) every night before i go to sleep.
    had to get used to that amount of cottage cheese at first but strangely now that i dont add any tastings ( like honey ) at all anymore, i can better keep up with it. i feel the difference in gains since stepping over to eating for size strategy,
    not being too hungry in the morning for breakfast, and not too full as well. cottage cheese gives good slow protein IMO, just before bedtime. ( taken approx 3 hours after the steak/beef )

    oh, thanks for the sportvoedingsite. really cheap i would say, but how about the quality of their protein? is it slow caseintype or is it whey? do you use it yourself?
    14 euro for 750 grams is indeed alot cheaper than my Protifar.

    i indeed do use the protifarplus version.( 88.5 % slow protein)
    225 grams costs 8 euro 40 at any shop in Holland ( kruidvat etc )
    so i can switch.. hesitation though..
    but nutricia is a very very very trustworthy company.

    take care en let the gains keep coming pieter
  20. PPP

    PPP New Member


    The BAS as in "Bas van der Heijden" supermarkt, or Dirk van den Broek, which i believe is part of the chain as well. You don't know those? Cheaper than C1000 and still good quality. :)

    "Viergranen ei" is another good one, i don't know about the amounts of good fats in those though. But check if the C1000 has this Columbus ei.

    I've been taking cottage cheese ever since, i luv it. I always add some rosevicee to it, to improve the taste (plus you get a good amount of fruit sugars that way as well). I always eat a full pack before bedtime, sometimes with some Oatmeal.

    I wouldn't worry too much about being at 17%, it's still below health recommendations, especially seeing your age. ;)
    Besides, who gives a ####, it's winter. :) There is simply no way seriously/quickly getting bigger while being at 8%.

    I have ordered a full 3,5 kilo's of protein from that shop together with a friend of mine, both of us are quite happy with it. You get it delivered in a plastic bag, with a sticker put on it, so i was hesitant at first whether it would be carbs perhaps. But seeing how thick it gets, as has difficulties dissolving, i figured it's protein. ;) It is a German brand by the way, and it does have "aspartaam" added to it (it's not whey, but casein). I guess Nutricia indeed is much more trustworthy, but i simply can't afford that kind of money (i mean, 3,5 kilo costs you 130 euro's!! That almost thrice as much!! And that isn't whey either.).
    However, i had a chat with someone yesterday who told me he pays 8 euro for a kilo of milk powder, which sounds very interesting. I mean, that's casein as well, right? I have yet to find out how many grams of protein per 100 grams are in it though.

    And this has turned into a novel by now..


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