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Leg extension with peak concentric hold; 3x15-50.

Bent-knee hanging leg raises; 1x10-20kg.

Platz squats, elevated heels knees forward; 3x10-45

Dips; 3x15.

Landmine twists; 3x10 per side-10kg.

Standing cable abs, purple band; 3xamrap.

Platz squats, elevated heels knees forward; 3x10-45.

Triceps extensions, purple band; 2xamrap.

Wrist roller curls; 2x2 rotations-5kg.

Step-ups, explosive; 3x20 per side. Reduced the ROM, removed extra loading and these were bang on. Will process using reps and time/work-density rather than load.

Reverse hyper, traditional, strict; 3x15-100.
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112.8. I ate enough food on Saturday to sink a small ship, so not sure why that isn’t a bit higher. Fair bit of activity over the weekend though.

Reverse hyper; 2x15-100kg.
Hanging leg raises; 2x10.

DL, V-stance, slack pull; 1-220, 230, 240, 250, 260. 260 moved really well in a moderately fatigued state. 270 isn’t that far away, especially not if I have a quiet Sunday beforehand. 4x4@77%-200. Could’ve punched out the 4x4 a bit quicker but they moved nicely and are helping me lock in my form with the slack pulls.

SG deadlift; 2x8-170. Room to increase load and sets for this.


Sumo DL; 2x10-120. Feet almost to plates, zero ROM, all hips - which is why I’m doing them.

HBBS paused; 5-70, 90, 100, 110.

Step-ups, explosive; 2x20 per side.

Reverse hyper; 2x15-100.
Hanging leg raises; 2x10.
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Reverse hyper; 3x15-100+red band.

BB rows; 10-70, 5-120, 140, 160, 160, 160. A little on the cheaty side but still within the zone I want it.
Bench, wide grip; 10-70, 5-90, 1-110, 120, 125, 127.5. 130 might have been there but 127.5 definitely was, so took it and will aim to go up next time. The last time I hit 130 I was 15-18kg heavier, so I’ll happily take it.
Chin-ups, starting strength protocol; 6x6. Dropping arm work on Saturday’s GPP as it is interfering with my elbow tendinitis clearing up.
Neck extensions; 25-20, 20, 15, 13, 10, 7+3 assisted.
Giant set

Bench, wide grip; 3x8-92.5.
Chin-ups cont.; 3x6.

Seated abs, purple band; 3x20.


Seated deadlift, double overhand; 3x15-140. Still trying to figure out the sweet spot setup for these. They can be done with more glutes and hamstrings involved or basically just a thoracic spine-straightening exercise. I feel the former might be the way to go. Amazing grip work too.

End of day
Reverse hyper; 3x15-100.
Hanging leg raises; 3x10.
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Reverse hyper; 3x15-100.
Hanging leg raises; 3x15.

Experimenting with active recovery a bit to see if this helps, hurts or does nothing on Wednesday’s non-lifting day.
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Reverse hyper; 15-100.
Hanging leg raises; 1x15.
Leg extensions w/concentric hold; 10-50.

DL, V stance, slack pull; 1-210, 230, 240, 250, 260. 260 wasn’t really there and my lower back was as close to giving out as it can be without actually failing. That pretty much settles the ‘hyper+abs on Wednesday’s’ experiment for me. Too much localised fatigue for a calorie deficit and no ability to eat past it. Seated deadlifts on Tuesday’s is most likely a bridge too far for recovery. 4x4-170. Dropped the back-off sets down to ensure I didn’t aggravate it further as it was cramping significantly.

CB GM, close stance; 5-70, 120. I thought these might be a safer proposition than SLDLs. Dead wrong and couldn’t even do a rep with 140 before cramping took over.

Reverse hyper; 2x15-100+red band.
Standing banded abs; 2x20.


SLDL; 5-170. Left it at one shortened set.

Reverse hyper; 3x15-100.
Hanging leg raises; 3x15.
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Reverse hyper: 2x15-100
Hanging leg raises; 2x15

Seal rows; 10-70, 5x5-110
Bench, wide grip, 2ct pause; 10-70, 5x5-100
Chin-ups; 6x7
Neck extensions; 25-22, 20, 18, 16, 12, 10.
Seated banded abs; 6x20
Giant set

Seated deadlift, flat back; 3x8-160.

CB single side carry for 25m per side, 10mins straight - 45kg.

Reverse hyper; 3x20-100.

Lower back is 85% sorted.
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Doing things in series rather than in circuit, felt like mixing it up.

Reverse hyper; 1x20-100, 2x20-110
Hanging leg raises; 3x15

Leg extensions with concentric hold; 3x15-50.

Step-ups, explosive, short breaks; 7x20 per side.

Cut short due to lil miss waking up a bit early.

Spinal rows on RH; 3x10-100+black band.
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Reverse hyper; 3x20-110. Getting the hips and S.I region moving is progressing the minor strain/cramping/whatever it is.

Reverse hyper: 20-110
Hanging leg raises; 1x15

DL, tried lots of different stances, slack pull; some singles at 170. Beltless 3x1-150.

Just as I finished doing DL stuff, my hip ‘popped/cracked/slid’ back to whatever position and things felt a whole lot better. I’d been trying to achieve that for about 12 hours and it finally gave in and complied. Instant tension relief across the S.I.

Reverse hyper; 3x20-110
Hanging leg raises; 3x15

Spinal rows on RH; 1x10-110. 3x110+black band. I should have led with these, everything always feels so good after straight arm rowing.


Step-ups, explosive; 2x25 per side.
Reverse hyper; 2x20-100.
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112.0 getting within range of end of year goal of 110. Would be nice to get into 108 deflated territory and be able to ‘carb up’ to 110.

Hanging leg raises; 2x15
Reverse hyper; 2x20-100

Unsure if the RH is helping or aggravating things at the moment. The connective tissue web over the S.I. is really sensitive and fussy.

Seal rows; 10-70, 5x5-110. These were a bit sloppy, I’ll back the weight down a fraction.
Bench, wide-grip; 10-70, 5-90, 2-100, 1-110, 120, 130. Butt rose a tiny bit and the pause could’ve been a fraction longer but it was a very smooth, quick rep@9 speed, so I’ll take it and keep building on it.
Chin-ups, neutral grip; 6x7
Neck extensions; 25-24, 22, 20, 14, 12, 10.

Hanging leg raises; 2x15–>spinal rows; 10-100. These all felt shit so I decided to cut them out and will do core stuff later today with a stiff torso; zercher and and one-sided carries.
Giant set

Bench, wide-grip; 1x8, 7 - 92.5.
Chin-ups, neutral grip con.; 1x7.


One-sided carries; 6x25m per hand, 30kg. Hard but felt good.

Reverse hyper, concentric hold; 2x5-50kg. Something popped back into place, bloody magical.
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Back to basics to rehab and then strengthen the lower back and core, and convince my S.I. and hip-musculature that they’re allowed to hinge.

Hanging leg raises; 4x20. Doing these with my feet/legs at different widths felt pretty good, so I’ll try to remember to vary it going forward.

Seated deadlifts; 10-70, 70, 120, 120, 120.

Deadlifts, extreme V stance, slack pull; 10-70, 5-90. Found something that works and makes use of my powerhouse arse. Let’s go.


Box squats; 5-70, 1-100kg. These just didn’t feel good on the lower back.

Deadlifts, extreme V stance, slack pull; 1-70, 120, 120, 140, 150, 150. Felt like a reasonable place to stop for today. No sense in RPE’ing to 11 on a rehab session.

Belt squats; 3x10-100

SG pendlays; 5x10-70. Working on that isometric lower back strength.

Shouldn’t take too much to get back now.

That will teach me to get lazy with rows from the floor and good mornings…
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Seal rows; 10-79, 5, 6, 7, 7, 7 - 100,
Bench, wide grip, 2ct pause; 10-70, 5x3-110
Chin-ups; 6x5 - 10kg+bw
Neck extensions; 25-25, 20, 13, 14, 10, 9+1 assisted
Hanging leg raises; 6x15
Giant set

Chin-ups cont.; 4x5-10kg+bw.


Did some reverse hypers just to get a sense of things and they felt terrible so putting them out to pasture for now so far as full ROM goes.

BB rows; 3-70, 5x3-90.
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112.0 GPP

Reverse hyper, strict, short ROM; 20-50, 3x20-100
Hanging leg raises; 3x20

Leg extensions, unilateral, concentric pause; 3x15-50.
Dips: 3x15-bw.

Neck extensions, high-rep; 3x50-10kg. Plenty left in the tank. Realised I can loading with the loading pin(strap style) and it sorted out the setup issue from yesteday.
One sided CB holds, as long as possible; 3x60kg per side. These felt amazing and I need to do more of them generally, including the walks. Something on my hip/S.I. side/region ‘slipped’ into place when I did the first hold in the left hand. The strain/issue from last week is definitely to do with that same region as always. Work to be done, I suppose.

Step-ups, explosive; 4x25. If there’s a better quad exercise for high reps, I don’t want to know what it is. These are just too good and wildly under appreciated.

I did a few bent-over static holds with the CB@60kg part way through, and that was probably a bad idea. I can’t decide if mildly inflaming the area to try and drive a recovery response is nuanced or stupid. But if I can’t bend over at the top with 20-30 degrees with 60kg in my hands, wtf am I doing anyway?

I’m going to rejig my DIY roman chair/parallel hyper setup on top of the RH and see how that goes next week. High reps, concentric holds, hoping pushing blood into the area via post-isometric contractions activity and see what happens.

Seated unilateral knee raises/PSOAS curls; 3x10. These felt incredibly therapeutic and make me wonder if my right psoas isn’t the cause of the issues I’ve had for a whole since an injury around August 2017.
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I’m waiting for the same old fucking culprit on the intersection of upper right hip and lumbar to ‘click’/snap/jump/whatever back into place. It’s a cunt and mentally draining. The longest it’s taken is about three months, sometimes it’s more like a day or two. The waiting game is pretty horrific for someone who works out to deadlift.

Standing desk arrived so I won’t need to sit down again for a while, am grateful for that.

Reverse hyper; 20-50.
Hanging leg raises; 1x20
Step-ups, explosive; 1x10 per side.

DL, || stance, slack pull; 10-70, 5-120, 1-150.
DL, V stance, rising slack pull; 1,1-150.

Parallel hypers on RH; 20-bw, 20-pendulum+10, 2x20-pendulum+20. Zercher holding the pendulum reaggravated that left elbow a bit, so we’ll see how viable it is long term. Back to the drawing board if not.
PSOAS unilateral knee raises; 2x10.
Hanging leg raises; 2x20.
Giant set.

Reverse hyper, glute focus; 3x20-100.


One-sided CB carry; 10x25m per side (500m total) - 40kg. I’m trying to force that ligament or tendon or muscle end, whatever it is, just to jump back into place already. Holding in left hand felt like it was almost doing that.

CB GM; 5-70, 90, 2x10-100. Well it’s an improvement I guess. My back feels as fun as trying to wipe your arse with the wrong hand.
Not painful but not quite in the right place either.

Box front squats; 2x5-70. A very mild starting point, not meant to be anything more.

One-sided CB carry; 8x25m per side (400m total) - 40kg.
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Dang... sorry to hear about your injury flaring up, is it definitely SI joint issue? Mine f'd up biiigtime few months ago in the middle of RDLs, something just shifted/slipped and SI joint was horrendously painful, sitting, standing..

This exercise helped the most, he shows it at about 19 minutes, but the whole vid is pretty informative:

I did this religiously once or twice every day, 2-3 sets of 3 cycles/reps, and it really helped. Also lay my glute medius on a lacrosse ball and massaged the crap out of it, bit of spinal mobility as well as loads of piriformis stretching. I remember getting my SI joint worked on with an osteopath a few years ago, was good but apart from her work she only ever gave a little mobility and stretching exercises, not much strengthening or other longterm preventative exercises. But managed to rehab it myself this time.

And Eric Wong's stuff is great on his Precision Movement channel, knows his stuff. Hope it gets better soon man

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Seal rows, narrow grip; 10-70, 4x8-100,
Bench, wide grip; 10-70, 5-90, 2-110, 1-120, 125,
Chin-ups; 5x5-bw+10
Neck raises; 25-26, 26, 22, 20, 13,
Hanging leg raises, single leg alternating; 5x10 per side
Giant set


Inverted rows; 3x12
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