1Kg lost? Cant be right....

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by Al and Hammer, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. Al and Hammer

    Al and Hammer New Member

    I weighed myself on Friday night and by Sunday night I'd lost near 1Kg? That must be wrong! Yeah I'm a hard-gainer but jeez...

    I ate at the same time, went to the toilet etc etc all the same routine. I hadn't eaten very well on saturday (only about 2600kcals) and only about 200 more on Sunday.

    Does anyone else find this happens? Or is it mroe to do with how much food has been digested and what you ate. I'll weigh myself tonight to see if anythings different.
  2. LittleBigHorn

    LittleBigHorn New Member

    It's probably just a natural fluctuation due to a decrease in the amount of water weight your body is carrying around. If you have eaten less (less carbs in particular) for a day or two, it's perfectly normal. Also, if you've been eating lots of salty foods or sodium from other sources (diet sodas etc), you can expect a sudden increase in bodyweight.
  3. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah, that happens. That's why I make it a rule not to really pay much attention to my weight each day. Instead, I just record it and wait until the end of the week to average them together. That's the number I worry about.
  4. Al and Hammer

    Al and Hammer New Member

    Thanks. I knew it must have been something like like. My weights back up again now (with an extra 100g on top).

    I knew I'd get it back but the fluctuations are really astonishing (I didnt realise the body could change so drastically!).
  5. skinnyman

    skinnyman New Member

    i weigh in the morning before eating so there's no cheating. i think eating THEN weighing will add a little more "cheated" pounds. [​IMG]
  6. Al and Hammer

    Al and Hammer New Member

    How about 12.01am?
  7. LittleBigHorn

    LittleBigHorn New Member

    The human body does work in mysterious ways...
    I've been cutting up for a while now, currently doing the first week of my 6 rep block (I know most people do a 5 rep block, but I've always done a 6er instead), and thus expecting to be losing weight at a steady rate. I'm eating around 2300 calories a day, which is 500 cals below maintenance for me, working out twice a day 3x a week (One set of each exercise of 6s in the morning, and one per exercise of 15s with lighter weights for additional glycogen depletion in the evening) and doing 30 minutes of medium intensity cardio on my off days, twice a week. I managed to drop my bodyweight from 185 lbs to 176, but here is where things get weird: my weight has gone back up to 180 lbs for no apparent reason. I feel somewhat bulkier, too- both in the muscles and in the gut. I've apparently gained around 2 kilos of water weight, even though I have been avoiding sodium and cutting down on the carbs.
    Stuff like this happens on occasion, and there isn't always a rational explanation for it.
  8. Al and Hammer

    Al and Hammer New Member

    Yeah. I've only gone up a bit this week (night time weighing!!!!)...68.2kg

    i was thinking about the weekly weighing but if ur "off" on the day you weigh then that can screw up the figures. I find daily gets a good average for the week (I may be wrong).

    Does anyone find they plateau at a certain weight/kcal level? Like I said...my weight hasnt increased much this week like it has done previously. My routine is the same (eating time/sleeping time/kcal intake). Maybe I've gotten to the "I need to boost kcal again" stage.

    Or maybe SD on the food [​IMG]
  9. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    I was at a plateau for quite a while, at 180 lbs. I started at 150 a long time ago, and slowly started gaining, but once I hit 180, I couldn't seem to get any higher. But since I've started HST, I've gotten over that.

    I agree, daily gets a good average when you look at it from a weekly perspective. I weigh myself each morning when I get up and use that for my average.

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