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    Out all day-5 Easy carry meals???

    I've gone back to uni, which means Monday and Tuesday i'll have gym a 7-9am, uni 10-5 and work 5-9pm i.e. i'm out all day and i'll prob need at least 5 meals. I'll throw a protein shake in there after training and a one just incase, but I want to rely on proper food. That discounts crappy...
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    Is creatine useless without regular use?

    Basically I bought a load of creatine a while back and havnt been using it (for various boring reasons). While i'm still hitting the gym virtually everyday and training hard, I havnt got the time to be eating, sleeping and supplementing as much as I was (once again for various boring reasons)...
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    What creates the turtle belly look?

    What are the other supposed effects of GH use?? I heard a massive chin and bigger bone structure??? Is this true?
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    Affects of boxing

    I've just started doing some work on punch bags again. I want to know what effects this will have on my physique? I do it on my cardio days, it's very high intensity (not like my normal fat burning excersises). Will I lose/gain muscle/fat?
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    Ill and wana know why

    Thanks for that one,feel a lot better now baby. Il go with Biz tho, nice one!
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    Ill and wana know why

    Lol, takes two weeks to get an appointment by myn, so by the time you get it either all of the sypmtoms are gone or your dead. Quite a clever way of narrowing the wrok for GPs. +A doctor will have less knowledge of creatine and caffeine than some of the users of this site. Therefore asking you...
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    Ill and wana know why

    Right nearly died yesterday (well it felt like it) and I’m trying to eliminate variables to find out what caused it. First the storey, then the variables. Went to the gym for a bit of cardio and I was absolutely nakerd, thought nothing of it. Was super sunny. Went to town with a friend, had a...
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    Ideal Small Gym Bag

    1st off, 90% of anyone going the gym uses a belt. Do you not do deadlifts or squats??? Or do you just go super light. 2nd off, I dont wana big nike bag or sumthing like id get in argos. And third and finally dispite u obviously being 'hilarious', if you aint got nout constructive to say dont...
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    Ideal Small Gym Bag

    No-one ever heard of a weight lifting belt??? Anyway back to the point, any ideas where I can buy one in the UK or online???
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    Ideal Small Gym Bag

    And nice guy of the year award goes to.......... Nice one mate, but wouldnt do that to you. Itd probably get super complicated to, nice one for the offer tho!!! Il keep looking for a UK one and if not il move abroad
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    Ideal Small Gym Bag

    Gutted, it looks good, but itl cost me another £20 and 12 weeks to get it to the UK.??? Nice one for tryin tho. ;) Anyone else???
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    Ideal Small Gym Bag

    I want to buy a small gym bag, with enough space for food, a shake and my belt. Any ideas where I can buy one in the UK or online??? Im getting sick of carrying a massive empty one to the gym and back!!! BTW its gota be super cool!!! And before I get moaned at for where iv posted this ask...
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    Pre workout energy boost drinks

    Just a quick post. Just wondering if anyone bought any of those pre workout carb drinks and if so which ones??? Theres a few different types, just ones like lucasade, ones with caffine or taurine?? Any recommendations?? I never ever touch caffeine (mainly coz I dont like the drinks you get it...
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    Working the abs

    Fair enough... Im not sure whats going on here, but il hava go... I would say that your abs dont need too much work for maintenance. I dont know your actual routine, but if your doing a typical HST routine, youl be doing squats and maybe deadlifts a good few times a week. Your abs act as a...