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    Liver Tabs

    They're health wrapped in a pill, and they increase appetite, something I could use.
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    Liver Tabs

    Anybody here take them? I'm going to buy some soon. Along with a pill crusher, I can't swallow those horse pills :D.
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    Reviews of Training Programs

    The writeup on DC looks pretty good. Although I think that the frequency for each bodypart is a little less than 2x a week. I think it's 3 times every 2 weeks. All of the DC information was erased from his site though, so I can't be 100% sure.
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    DC Diet "Secrets"

    One thing that I've noticed, and maybe it's just because I haven't seen a ton of DC'ers, is that most trainees are just huge with high bodyfat. A lot that I've seen are 220lbs with like 18% BF, and it seems like they never try to lose fat, they just keep eating and getting bigger.
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    HST Hits's Main Headline! It's already been up there for almost a week, so it will probably be taken down from the main article headline soon.   HST is spreading like an infectious disease that everybody wants to catch!   P.S. I wrote the article ;) ;)
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    DC Diet "Secrets"

    Yup. In most cases, no carbs after 6pm.
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    DC Diet "Secrets"

    -lots of glutamine (20g+ a day) Here's a diet that Dante made and was posted at : Ah crap. I just went to copy it and one of the mods deleted the thread. The only odd thing I can remember is : -protein shakes mixed with juice all the time
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    DC Diet "Secrets"

    Does anybody know any of them? Just wondering...supposedly you have to pay for training to receive them, but I'm curious as to what kind of "secrets" paying DC'ers know that the rest of the bodybuilding world doesn't.
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    The Weight Trainer - Casey Butt

    Thanks for sending the articles. Yeah, I think one of the articles said that it's usually the CNS that fails first, not the muscle. So that's incorrect?
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    The Weight Trainer - Casey Butt

    Awesome. But I remember you saying that his CNS article wasn't correct, are you not sending that one then?
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    HST & Vegas

    If I was you (but I'm not) : I would use the vacation as a SD, and when I got back, started a new cycle. I'd start with 10s though, do 10s, 5s, and have the post-5s period last longer.
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    The Weight Trainer - Casey Butt

    His website is gone for some reason, and I can't find any of his articles anywhere. Does anybody know what happened, and do any of you have his articles saved? I'm talking about the physiology articles...I wanted to read them again... Thanks.
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    To the man who just turned 60

    Happy B-Day.  Sure, 60 may be depressing, but at least you get discounted breakfast at most places..., or is that 65 :D? lol I'm j/k, have a good one chap.
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    Vince Gironda's oldschool info

    Just squat to parallel...