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Setting up a Hypertrophy-Specific Training™ Cycle

by Charles T. Ridgely
Date Added: 18 March 2004

To be certain, there are a mind-boggling number of lifting programs available, all claiming to be universal in their ability to produce bigger and stronger lifters. Some programs rely on muscle fatigue, or working to muscular failure, to produce results. With these programs, a weight is lifted until it cannot be lifted even one more time. Other programs rely on increasing volume. These programs may call for adding more sets or repetitions of each exercise over time. Still other programs call for a combination of working to failure and increasing volume to produce results.

Unfortunately, a large number of these programs are based not on scientific evidence, or research, but rather are based on the observations of a few elite lifters. One program that is, indeed, based on scientific research is Hypertrophy-Specific Training™ (HST), developed by Brian Haycock. HST is helping many ordinary people make wonderful gains on an every-day basis, and many exceptional lifters are experiencing renewed, plateau-free growth, as well.

Avoid weeks of browsing bodybuilding forums and searching for articles to find the information you need! Learn how to set up your own Hypertrophy-Specific Training™ cycles from an eBook that explains it all!

Includes discussions of:

  • Training frequency and how it affects the speed of your muscle growth.
  • Mechanical load and how it, rather than muscular failure, sends a growth stimulus to all types of muscle fibers regardless of muscle fatigue.
  • Load progression and how it keeps your muscles in a continual state of growth.
  • Strategic Deconditioning and how doing it properly will cause new muscle growth cycle after cycle after cycle.
  • Volumetric Progression and how properly planning the progression of your training volume can make or break your training.
  • All about zig-zag and how to reduce it in your HST cycles.
  • Eccentric Repetitions and how they can be used to increase the load on your muscles to even higher levels for greater growth.

Learn how to:

  • Select exercises and set up routines for your HST cycles
  • Easily determine the repetition-maximums that you need to use HST
  • Determine all the weights you will use for your HST cycle
  • Select an appropriate level of volume for use in your HST cycle
  • Find personalized fractions of your 1RM for each exercise that you perform
  • Quickly and easily switch between weight values and percentages of 1RM
  • Prevent fatigue and muscle failure from destroying your HST cycles
  • Use volumetric progression to increase the productivity of your training
  • Use constant workloads to enhance the growth stimulus of your HST cycles
  • Use eccentric repetitions to get the most out of your HST cycles
  • Use drop sets without ruining the volumetric progression of your HST cycles

Features included:

  • Table of Contents: provides quick and easy access to any topic of interest
  • Navigation Buttons: provide seamless continuity between topics
  • Glossary of Terms: provides simple definitions of the terms and acronyms typically used by HST advocates
  • Index: provides a list of links to the topics you need within the text
  • Search Feature: helps you find topics fast by using word-searches
  • Tables and Charts: provided throughout to illuminate the many HST concepts discussed in the text
  • Sample Workout Log: provided to help you set up your own HST cycles
  • List of References: provided to help you find even more information about HST

Price: $19.95