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  1. hi everyone first off this is my first post but i've been a lurker on here since 2003 this site is great the people on here seem very helpful and I like the "community" feel over here. I never sucessfully got thru a whole hst program without messing it up with tweaking. I've been training since I was 15 and I was at a point in my life where I was one of the bigger guys in my gym full of sauceheads LOL and then it happened, the dreaded shoulder injury. Since about 2006 I've been away from the weights and as u all can presume I now look like garbage haha. Anway I'm getting back into lifting again and I have no ego I'm starting at the bottom again and I really want to do hst religiously and wihtout any tweaking. I read a lot of posts and as u can figure being that I've been visiting here for some years I have some understanding but not as much as I want to have so that I can be comfortable that I'm not messing this up at all. So after I find my 15 rep max for the excersises that I want to do what do I do from there? Ie. I would like to stick to machines for chest so I don't mess up my shoulder again and I can do about 150 on the incline machine for chest (I know that's weak LOL) so how would I now figure out my workouts for the next weeks using that info? Also how many excersises should I do per bodypart and roughly how frequently should I be training? Sorry for so many questions I just here many different opinions and I would love to get a good understanding as to what I should definately be doing before I start up because I don't want to start and stop for any reason I want to stick with hst, any info would be greatly appreciated thank u so much in advance. - kal
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    First off Welcome to HST!

    Finally, 5 years lurking and not yielding?

    Well it coud've saved you the injury but then again we all get stubborn at times making ourselves easy ground for such stuff.

    <div></div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">So after I find my 15 rep max for the exercises that I want to do, what do I do from there?</div>

    Don't get too excited and stick to only a few exercises so that you get a good program out of it, but answering the question above, find out the 10 RM and the 5 RM, take a week to do this a rep scheme per day = a workout, then take a week off and start.

    In the meantime for choices of workouts and already written advice go to Simplify and win and pick your choice.

    That thread has probably got all the info you will need take your time! [​IMG]

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