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    HSN considers making prohormone

    I think phs are expensive, you are no more natural taking phs, i would take AAS because of better use/cost relation and you know the sideeffects
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    L - Carnitine

    it's useless, your body can produce as much of carnitin as needed at anytime, there is no effect of adding carnitin instead of decrease in your money :D
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    It's good to force recovery after workouts, but you should take glutaminpeptid, because 80%of glutamin only are broken daown by stomach. But glutaminpeptid deservers only 1/3 glutamin, so you have to take triple as much as glutamin. 10g glutamine (30g peptid) after workouts, but i don't think...
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    The only thing of HMß i noticed, was a decrease in money!! Studies of HMß where done with pregnant women I think only creatin,glutamin and Tribulus are useful in case of increasing lean mass. Meiermann