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    Tastes good..

    tenacious. count calories, keep a log, stick to a diet plan AND splurge now and again. all these things will work towards keeping you on track and sane. uping your cals by 250 a week is a good start and if your keeping a log 2 or 3 meals of pizza while not great will hardly matter if the rest...
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    Too close to the project

    tenacious part of the muscle gain difficulty may lie in how former an endur. athlete you are. if your still doing some running, biking hiking, etc just remember to figure that in to your nutr. charting. i used to run college xc & track and then followed that up with a career in wildland...
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    Too close to the project

    to clarify if your looking to add wgt, any wgt.chow down....going from 2800-3000 cals a day to a steady diet of 4-5-6000 cals a day will surely put weight on. all kinds of wgt. fat and muscle. depending on your lifestyle/work etc. 3000 cals a day is not really that much. for some it may be...
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    Too close to the project

    ok here my 2cents i sympathize with your plight. i have spent many years crawling up from 6' 140 lbs at 20yrs old to 6' 200 at 38yrs old. some observations ive made along the way. age is a factor. or should i say metabolism. if you have a very fast one as i did you can just about eat everything...
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    Is Chad Waterbury steeling Hst ?

    ive spent a bit of time at t-nation and have read a bit of waterburys programs. i would agree that they seem to be a tweak/variation of hst but im ok with that. having said that, im not making any comment on who founded what and giving credit where credit is due issues. i dont know enough of...