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  1. Old and Grey

    Deadlifts. 1 Set Of 10 During The 10’s?

    Do not go near your injury potential level, especially with deadlifts. One screw-up can take you out of the gym for a long time. Listen to your gut.
  2. Old and Grey

    Sd Question

    There is no hard and fast rule. If you feel rested and ready to take on the world, go for it. If not, take a week off.
  3. Old and Grey

    Is Load Progression Necessary For Hypertrophy?

    Studies are very limited in the conclusions that can be drawn They really only say something about the limited population of the sample. Because of age, I now keep most of my exercises in the 10-20 rep range. I find that is the only way I can maintain/grow without getting injured. You fellows...
  4. Old and Grey

    Restart Hst During Cut Or After?

    A. Unless you really do not want to weight train. Adaption is not a problem at your stage and there are ways around it anyway.
  5. Old and Grey

    Volume Is The Key Driver For Muscle Hypertrophy

    Welcome to the forum Ignacio. I would say that you are spot on with your conclusion about volume. The key is to know how much volume is enough and to learn that anything above that is junk volume and can even be detrimental. A related field of study that I also find interesting is concerning...
  6. Old and Grey

    Satellite Cells, Nuclei And Ribosomes

    Yes, much better in plain English!
  7. Old and Grey

    Satellite Cells, Nuclei And Ribosomes

    I see that there must be at least two ghosts roaming the graveyard. How about a short paragraph, Ron, summarizing the gobbledygook in remedial English. ‍♂️
  8. Old and Grey

    Russian Hst?

    I agree. A younger or very enhanced lifter typically needs a higher volume. HST has worked for me for at least 20 years and age and slowing down of recovery ability are the only reasons I have switched to a modified Abbreviated Training routine and certainly not one along the lines of Mentzer...
  9. Old and Grey

    Russian Hst?

    I too check in but rarely see anything new. I have found that going to Abbreviated Training is now best for me at age 75. My goal is maintaining what I have worked 61 years to get for as long as possible and the extra rest is now more productive for me than volume. I now do 1/2 body Monday, 1/2...
  10. Old and Grey

    Protein Ideas/suggestions For Max Hypertrophy

    I drink 2 Premier Protein shakes per day with Bananas-n-Cream being my favorite. I buy from Amazon. Totals 60 grams of protein less than 6 grams of fat and carbs. Also, for lunch I eat 1 16 ounce box of Egg Beaters. 50 grams of protein, no fat or carbs, and only about 200 calories. I add in...
  11. Old and Grey

    Body Weight Exercises

    Add weight and/or slow tempo. If you max is under your target, use assistance bands.
  12. Old and Grey

    Creative Exercises At Home - Quarantine Edition

    Pick up your weights Mikey!!! :D:D:p:p:cool: Nice video!
  13. Old and Grey

    Is The "box Car" Analogy True?

    Triceps is an excellent example.
  14. Old and Grey

    Rate This Hst Cycle

    Is that 1 set per exercise? What is your experience/level of training?
  15. Old and Grey

    Disrupting The Loading Effect In Hst

    It may even enhance it assuming you are still going to do your regular HST workout as well. I would do the test at the end of my HST workout when I am fully warmed up. Maybe even wait up to 10 minutes to do the testing. A weekly change up may just give your muscles an extra incentive to get...
  16. Old and Grey

    The Infamous Dr. Ken Leistner Training Video

    I skip warm up sets for each exercise and go straight for the throat. My full body workout type of warm up is short and sweet and is meant to only warm the muscles up. All are done for 1 set with body weight only. Squats or lunges Pull ups (Lateral Hold) Dips Overhead contracted traps...
  17. Old and Grey

    The Infamous Dr. Ken Leistner Training Video

    Actually that would be very interesting.