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    Found 15RM / 10RM / 5RM...  help zig-zag

    there is no problem with what u are doing keep it going.zigzagging is difficult to avoid,but your workout looks fine.
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    Working out while sore??

    dont worry about being sore for one it is an indication you are getting a good work out(as long as its not too painful),secondly this will subside when you get used to handling the weights.
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    Is it ok to do this??

    i now stick to one exercise so i can watch the poundages increase throught the cycle so i know what my rep maxs are.
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    Just do a 10 and then into the 5s,sounds fine to me.
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    My first cycle, need help! Please...

    actually looks fine to me,i wouldnt worry too much about zigzaging it happens,although i dont like it myself.
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    make sure you use the proper form,but yes bring them into the workout they rock,i would start off very light and work up to a comfortable level,keep the back straight if you begin to arch put the weight down or you could do damage.unless you have medical issues you should never damage your back...
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    Ice packs

    i was told many times to use hot and cold compress's i found it didnt work,the best thing for your muscles it heat bang a hot water bottle on it,its much better and makes perfect sense because you are getting blood flowing in that area which supplys nutrients etc to the muscle,think about it if...
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    How many lb to notice a differrence

    i hated steroids and didnt care much for those who used them(paranoid,aggressive etc)but have spent time researching on them and ive even considered them but you have to look long term,ive talked to several guys who took them they where big but that didnt last, gains you make above your natural...
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    Triceps pushdowns

    z-bars are good if you can attach one,i used tricep push downs and found that by altering my hand position caused less stress,but i dont use them now anyway.
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    Adding stretch points... some assistance needed

    last cycle i added bicep chins throughout,2-3 sets,i added 3 sets d/bell pullovers(concentrating on tri's)and my arms went boom! (the good kind).
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    sets per body part

    compound get 2 iso's get 1,3 in last week of fives and negs.
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    Routine w/ lower back pain?

    2--> dang i do deads to stop back pain!!!stronger back less chance of injury imo,if you are getting lower back pain from doing deads then you arent doing them correctly, plus they add loads of mass,is your back problem long term ie:prolapsed disc etc or just a muscle pull,get deadlifting back...
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    How many lb to notice a differrence

    your diet seems ok so does the weight gain,it is unlikely that you will put that much lean muscle in such a short period without some of it being fat,depending on how long youve been training it becomes harder and harder to pack muscle on,just keep going and youll be fine.
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    Overwhelmed, what do i do!?!

    personally i would stick to basic compounds for my first cycle so you can get an idea of what your rep max's are and to get a feel for hst,i train 3x a week full body,but you can do more if you feel like it,good luck with your cycle.
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    Essential Berardi

    sorry dude but doesnt that belong in the nutrition section of the board?
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    Strict form or cheat a little?

    i agree entirely with the above,the only time ive ever used any cheating method is when i wanted to break through a plateu and then this was before i started hst which gives you no reason to do is however an interesting point and i think it crops up more in other training methods,theres a...
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    Skipping the 15s

    personally i have cut the 15s down to 1 set per body part then as i go for 10s then 5s i do two sets per body part,i like to keep them cos they help me get the blood flowing and help ease myself into the heavy stuff.because i like to stick closer to my max's i tend to drop the reps every week...
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    alternating exercises

    ive been told on this forum that it is not particularly beneficial to change exercizes during a cycle probably because you can increment more efficiently and focus using the same exercizes,however i do change some of my exercizes after every full cycle in order to hit the muscle in a slightly...
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    How long can you workout for and experience good

    2 hours is probably a little too long i have a long workout too 1 1/2 hours,i would either drop some excersises or shorten the time between sets,it also shaves time off if your workout is organized knowing exactly what you are going to do.i think 45mins to an hour is optimal but i like to do...
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    i am glad to see you are going to give it a go,i think you need a couple of good cycles in order to really get to grips with it. I also think you were perhaps a little overly aggressive in your first few posts and that is why you got a bad reception.perhaps you could give us a full report when...