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    Barbell Curl

    Yes, drag queens will not help you at all. Trust Daniel. ;)
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    Barbell Curl

    Sounds like you were using a little much weight and had to cheat. No biggie. If you want a great way to load your biceps all the way up and down, drag the bar up your front, letting your elbows move backward. :D
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    One-legged calf raises.
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    Is it possible to stretch bone?

    That and it forces their shoulders down.
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    Working the back

    One tip when rowing is to start the lift from the back, and pull to the lower abdomen (with a barbell) or toward the hip (with a dumbbell). You'll probably have to use less weight to get the feel of this, like the others said.
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    Overtraining systemic vs. localized?

    Are you sure your biceps are lagging more than, say, your back?
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    Hard gainer

    Olive oil.
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    15, 10, 6

    No reason why you can't. HST doesn't include a "multiples of 5 principle" after all.
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    HST and 5x5

    There are several ways to do 5x5. In some readings, such as John McCallum's, start with a weight 100 lbs (or so) below your 5RM and do 5 reps. Next, add 50 lbs and do 5 reps. Then, jump up to your best weight for 3 sets of 5. Otherwise, you could get warmed up and do 5 sets of 5 with the...
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    Shoulder Press — Correct Form?

    Usually, whenever I see the term "shoulder press" it's done with dumbbells. If that helps the confusion any. :)
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    Rep Maxes

    What I usually do is to devote a whole week to finding rep maxes. Sunday I'll do 15s. So I'll try really hard to guess at what I can lift for 15 reps and go until light failure. If I've over- or underestimated by a bit, I'll subtract or add 5-10 lbs, but I don't do any more sets. Wednesday...
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    Question about posture (kate?)

    $845 for a chair?? OUCH! (And BTW, standing all day blows. Try working in a factory sometime.)
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    proper pec deck form

    Try using less weight, keeping your arms straighter, and focusing on squeezing your chest.
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    From machine to free weights

    Try some adjustible dumbbells and a simple bench for starters. That's what I plan to do eventually. Then DB squats, SLDLs, bench, rows, presses, will all be doable without a cage or anything.
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    Straight Leg Deadlift Form

    Hey all, sorry I've been gone from the internet for a while... Kate, what I meant was that no one seems to recommend letting the back flex. It would seem that weighted hypers and rounded-back goodmornings would also be a no-no. I've always done my SLDLs with back flexion, figuring that it's...
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    Straight Leg Deadlift Form

    I like how it's not politically correct to do SLDLs with back flexion anymore...
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    What Causes Soreness

    No worries. Just don't get disappointed when you don't get sore. In HST-land, it's helpful to not be sore. :)
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    What Causes Soreness

    Read the thread again Louno. Soreness means nothing.
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    insulin/carb questions while on E/C

    I don't think you'll have to worry about gaining strength/muscle while cutting, if that's what you're asking. Eating carbs when not in the E/C window will help replenish muscle glycogen stores, so... ...I think you'll live. Might want to check with other poeple, just to be safe. ;)
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    LifeCircuit Equipment anyone?

    If I'm thinking of the right stuff, those machines are cool because you can set the positive and negative parts of the rep to different weights, so your negatives can be heavier. I know of a guy who uses the machines for just this purpose.