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    Not using load

    lol JV "I HAVE NO SON!!!!!!!!"
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    Why do some people drink and advocate drinking whole milk?? The only "pro" I see is added calories from the saturated fats? And that's not much of a pro.
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    Welcome back

    To the gallows Fausto!
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    Thanks all! Now that I see it written out, I do remember reading that saturated and trans fats are major contributors to blood cholesterol. I take in very low amounts of saturated fats (at least I think?) so on that note, I'm gonna go get my egg on!
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    If so, would that not defeat the purpose of limiting cholesterol intake?
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    So I went through some egg threads that popped up in the search, in hopes of getting some expert opinions on whether to consume yolks or not, or what yolk:white ratio to take it. All I got is conflicting opinions and an assload of irrelevant information. Perhaps someone can answer this...
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    Getting Dumbbells into position

    I'm also in the 80-85 pound range at the moment for the incline press. I just stand in front of the bench, deadlift the weights (one in each hand), sit down - placing each dumbell on a knee and then "kick" forward one bell at a time as I lie back. Both of them are in position by the...
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    Calorie Confusion (need help)

    lyle's lesbians hahaha
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    Don't want to start anything

    Wait... wait wait wait... You haven't even TRIED it or had someone else try it? And yet you're typing up essay after essay of reasons why it doesn't work? ....... HST doesn't advocate low volume. You're not even looking past the sample routine. HST advocates as much volume and as much...
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    Customizing HST

    That would be my understanding. Not quite sure about that one. Like you said, metabolic stress shouldn't be an issue, so it would make sense that it's the same. I would assume that it is, though I'd be more than happy to be corrected with reasoning. Of course it's not all sarcoplasmic; I'm...
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    Customizing HST

    That's dealing with metabolic stress, and the hypertrophy achieved was no doubt sarcoplasmic for the most part. Clustering, I believe is effective when the loads are very high, so high that you can only lift them less than 5 times. Of course, clustering the 10s won't be very effective. Dkm has...
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    Replaced bench with push-ups...

    I used to do these back in my martial arts days. I'd load my school backpack with dumbells and phonebooks and my cat, all firmly stuffed in there. It gets unstable let me tell you. They're good, but the instability turns me off.
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    Need some Advice

    Sounds like you should. Did you ever come by the customizing thread? You could try some of the techniques vicious advocates, such as pulsing. If anything, use lighter weight and lower the tempo.
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    question on dropset and rest

    SD - At least 9 days... doesn't really matter if you go up to 11, 13, 15 etc days.... the more you take, the better the SD, but the higher chance of atrophy. Find your happy medium. Look in the FAQ forum man. There are only 2 pages worth of threads.
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    Need some Advice

    ooops disregard this post
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    Need some Advice

    Yeah I believe the FAQ says do it for one workout, then give it a rest for the next two workouts, then try it again. Guage how often you can do it from there on into the next cycles. I did my metabolic sets every workout, and only on the last week of the negatives the CNS fatigue caught up with...
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    how much sugar is ok?

    Ooooo ouch... Looks like what you wanted wasn't a paper, but just flame baiting O&G.
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    Medial Delts???

    *tips hat*
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    how much sugar is ok?

    You asked for a paper, I gave you a paper. Also, I didn't come in here with intentions to "defend" caffeine as a diuretic, just had a general wondering. That's fine if caffeine isn't a diuretic, my world won't be shattered