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    cla vs eca stack?

    Bryan, I was just wondering if you could give a brief outline on how to effectively use EC on a bulking cycle?  Dosage, etc?   I'm also a litte confused about how it works.  If thermogenisis is occuring, will that not detract from overall calaries available for use in mass building?  Or, is it...
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    Biotest Mag-10

    Bryan, Thank your for the response. I think I may being a cylce of Mag-10 during the last week of 10s, and let it take me through until me second of 5s. My diet will not be a problem. However, you didn't mention anything about the dosage; at 170, will 1 capful (roughly 6ml) 2 times per day be...
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    Biotest Mag-10

    I was just wondering if anyone had had success with this product while using it in conjuntion with HST.  If so, when during your cycle did you take it?  I was thinking that sometime during the 5s/negs would make the most sense, as these are the weeks during which growth has occurred; for me, at...
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    Myostatin Binders

    I'll give you a brief rundown.  Essentially, Myostatin is a specific gene protein that limits muscle grown.  The more myostatin that is present in your body, the less muslce [fibers] you have, therefore placing limits on how much actual muscle mass you can attain.  An example commonly used is...