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    Mojo Logging

    These sessions are really effective if properly implemented. thanks for the share here
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    The Recipe Thread !

    sounds delicous to me i wanna give a try
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    mickc1965 training log

    Will green tea be really effective for the workout seesions while burning fats?
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    Genghis' First Hst Cycle

    Willing skipping SD create panic to physique weight and increase its size? I am fearing to skip my SD now
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    Where Is Everyone?

    Lol i am seeing and also posting on the forums :D
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    Simplify and Win!

    thanks for the advice bud, i wanna concentrate on my abs and just fed up off my with my tummy fat, suggest me the best performance to reduce that
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    mickc1965 training log

    Nothing special appeared yet after my 15 days workout duration, still waiting for the results
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    When should you take your protein?

    best would be to take protein while workout sessions in excess otherwise a limited quantity of protein stuffs like milk, egg are best for daily intake
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    Hello Everyone

    Hey there my name is marshal i heard about this group from my friends so finally got here, although my english is not so good but would try to understand and respond everything. I hope the upcoming time would just going to be a rocking one