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    lowering test

    maybe less prone to anger?
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    lowering test

    Anyone have an idea of supplements or foods that could lower testosterone levels? I know most are looking to increase, but I think it would help my health some?
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    Can someone summarize principle of HST

    -exercise same muscles 3 times week -do 15 reps each exercise for 2 weeks -do 10 reps each exercise for 2 weeks -do 5 reps each exercise for 2 weeks -do negs for 2 weeks -from 15 reps through negs increase weights until reaching 15, 10, 5, and neg maxes at each 2 week marker -rest two weeks, try...
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    Anybody know if salt can affect a workout at all, like pre or post supplement?
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    powdered sugar?

    I think I meant like fructos and other caloric sweeteners?
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    renaming strategic deconditioning?

    What would you rename sd if you could? preplanned sensitizing?  (ps) muscle sensitizing?  (ms) square one deconditioning (sod) intentional muscle resensitizing (imr) preplanned intentional muscle deconditional re-sensitizing protocol  (pimdrp) muscle virginizing (mv)
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    powdered sugar?

    yes, I sometimes use it for pre, during and post with water. Add some protein powder to it too.
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    driver info?

    How important is the post workout protein? Why does it need to take longer?
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    powdered sugar?

    I thought it might be something that has a higher glycemic index because it's powdery? It also has corn starch in it. Is that okay to eat?
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    powdered sugar?

    Does anyone know if powdered sugar helps more than regular sweeteners? I was thinking it might be more refined so it works faster? I really don't know though.
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    Best tasting protein powder?

    Does anyone know the best tasting powder over at ?
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    Lycium barbarum polysaccharides
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    Golden Oppertunity

    I was watching fear factor one time and the host asked a guy what the nastiest thing he ever ate was. He said, "cold pizza", with a disgusted look on his face.
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    What does your pre and post nutrition look like?

    I added fish oil, because in one of Bryan's writings he says, "An emphasis on high glycemic carbs, complete readily digestible proteins such as whey, egg, or high quality casein, and essential fats such as fish or flax oil will meet the criteria for an effective post exercise meal."
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    What does your pre and post nutrition look like?

    I was wondering what people take and what their timing is. I take a cup of powdered sugar and add it to about 3 cups of water, add some vanilla and coconut extract and divide it into 3 servings. I add 2 tblspns creatine to the first drink and take that about a half hour before workout with a...
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    free radicals: what are they?

    I've been hearing something about free radicals that says they tear down muscle tissue walls or something and you can take supplements that scavenge them?
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    Black Star Labs

    Does anyone know if Black Star Labs still sells green tea extract? I bought some a while ago, but I don't see it on their site anymore. I know 1fast400 sells it, but I thought the BSL was more refined.
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    An Aspirin just before the workout?

    I've been taking 2x650mg capsules of ginger powder. I don't know if it does anything for anti inflammation, but it's a good naseau stopper.
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    salmon oil vs. cod liver oil

    so salmon oil has roughly twice as much omega-3's and the same amount of fat.