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    4 Day Split Routines

    Use upper lower split over 4 days . Monday Upper Tuesday Lower Wendesday off repeat. Hit 40 to 60 reps per large muscle groups (Chest/Back/Legs) Hit 20 to 30 reps for smaller muscle groups (consider overlap). Progess on the big lifts use pump work for for accessory lifts. Bascially use a...
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    Sci's Bipolar Lifting Log.

    Very Good advice!!!
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    Injury prevention / Lifting as we get older

    Lol...I will up my EPA / DHA and see how it goes. I guess my main question and I can't seem to find any science / research to back it up is how heavy should one train as we get regards to tendon / joint health. I am going to have to compromise somewhere in order to continue to get...
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    Injury prevention / Lifting as we get older

    Hey Tot Thanks for the reply. I am on 2 grams of fish oil daily. I have started stretches as well as mobility work daily. Good advice on the office chair and last week I priced one of those chairs from Staples for about 70 bucks that helps with daily posture and sitting. I think you are...
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    Injury prevention / Lifting as we get older

    Ok guys I need some feedback and hopefully educated opinions on the following. I will turn 36 this year and want to make sure I am continue to lift the rest of my life. The only MAJOR injury I have sustained was 15 years ago when I tore my pec tendon benching very heavy without proper...
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    My HST Routine-Advice Appreciated

    Good start routine...eventually you prob will want to go to all compound routine.
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    What day does it start getting hard for you??

    To answer your question...shortly. I am one of the guys who skips the 15's most of the time. I dont always right every max down. After lifting 12 years now I can basically tell you my max. I try to improve every other workout or every 3rd workout. I go with 2 or 3 weeks of 10s and rest is...
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    hypertrophy question

    Do what you enjoy...dont get too scientific. Thats the fun part of a hobby you do it b/c you love it! So hey if you like doing them do them and do them good.
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    3rd Cycle Results

    Good job man. I remember the college days when all I did what eat sleep and train...well overtrain...good for you that you know better with HST. My goal was to be a monster of muscle when I graduated and then maintain rest of my are right on track my friend! Post some pics when you...
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    What day does it start getting hard for you??

    Same here I bust my @ss every day...but I dont go to failure! Thats the main thing...stay away from Failure.
  11. J

    Do I need SD for this cycle ?

    Go ahead and just workout with HST and if you dont get the results SD and try again.
  12. J

    What am I doing wrong?

    Colby how many sets are you you using now a days? I know you have been doing HST for a while like myself. I am up to 12 total sets a week for some muscle groups...on 3 day a week routines.
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    doing 15 reps is good for cutting??  Please help..

    Higher reps for cutting is a myth! However going heavy for say 10 reps is heavy enough to keep muscle mass and will burn more calories than 5 reps sets.
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    Cutting Routine for Wife

    Hey Guys My wife is due to have our first child in 6 weeks. She has been training Vanilla HST up until pregnancy. So she has had a great SD. She cant wait to get back into training and she is taking 3 months off from work so she will have ample time to train after pregnancy. She wants to get...
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    Happy B'day

    Happy B Day!!!
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    HST/HSN apparel

    Brian when you say Lycra shirt are you talking like Underarmour clothing??? IF so That would be nice!
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    sets per body part

    Chest and Back 4 sets of 1 exercise for 10's and 5 's Shoulders 3 sets Legs 3 sets I add 1 set of burn sets for arms in 5's. abs get 3 to 4 sets.
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    Different forms of creatine

    How about creatine tablets? I have always used the powder but are tablets ok?
  19. J

    My latest routine tweak

    bump for some of the experts! :D
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    My latest routine tweak

    Good point Colby. Thanks for the reminder ! You know how it goes...even though I am season veteran lifter...sometimes you still go a stray and expierement. I was just thinking about that I should just stick with Vanilla HST and try to increase weight more!