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    alternate to stiff legged deadlift?

    you should keep trying. Go light and look for the stretch. I think people can never feel them right because they dont know how to utilise the hams properly. Glute-ham tie-ins are usually pretty weak in the unconditioned. Once you get them you'll know
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    Modified Repetition Method vs. Repetition Method

    because the repetition method is synonymous with the hypertrophy method wouldnt it make sense to use HST to fill in the gaps? Also i think frequency and exercise choice are dependant on your ME and DE days given u want to be feeling good for those.. I'd tend to use a longer rest interval...
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    Squatting without rack, pins etc.

    ask them to buy one. Get a petition. Its only the most important piece of equipment a gym can own.
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    alkaline diet discussion

    well probs not but from the link I gave, we might not be maximising bone density given so much protein and magnesium to calcium ratios that we consume (as bbers). I don't know how much of an effect this has but could be worth looking into just to know.
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    PL / HST hybrid q

    after you've done 25 reps can you go much further up? I'm following aarons advice now cos I cant go very heavy after that much rep work. My Program (sort of evolving): Legs: 2 sets of box squats (LOVE them) 2 sets of reg squats 3 sets of deadlifts 3 sets of SLDL Upper: 4 sets of bench 3 sets...
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    alkaline diet discussion

    sorry thats what I was always referring to... I'll look into this myself if I can be bothered then. Thanks for your help.
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    alkaline diet discussion

    According to what standard? I know that an old method used, by charring the sample then measuring the pH is not used anymore. What are you referring to? This link gives all fruits and most vegetables as basic. Could you address a few points for me? -Blood pH is regulated by kidneys and...
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    alkaline diet discussion

    I emailed a nutritionist and this was the reply: I agree with your biochemist friends to some degree. Your body has several mechanisms in place to balance and maintain a slightly alkaline pH level in your blood. This level is extremely important and a deviation in either direction can be fatal...
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    alkaline diet discussion

    Hi folks, Just exploring the alkaline diet because of recommendations. So the general argument is that different foods have different acidic/base values and that, depending on your diet, its reflected in your blood. As most of todays diets (and especially BBers) are net acidic then its bad...
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    PL / HST hybrid q

    yeah I tried it today and my max was extremely low after heavy bench..... so I'll scrap it. My "system" :) was basically: -2 day split (upper/lower) -2x a week -one ME day for each -repetition work HST style of both the ME exercise, accessory muscles and every other body part...
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    PL / HST hybrid q

    Hi folks, i'm working on an HST/COnjugate periodisation hybrid and was wondering: 1. If I perform "repetition method" HST style before I do my max effort lift (both on the same exercise) will it be as/less/more efficient? From the neural adaption perspective, providing I lowered the...
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    floor press

    sorry.. wasn't very clear. You gave a link to a basic westside article and I'm using that.. Not your routine.
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    When You Have To Hit It

    HAHAHA :D ever play viz?
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    Decent foods

    There has also been a lengthy discussion on this in the nutrition section. Personally I'd be more worried about BSE and the amount of steroids in my chicken...
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    floor press

    haha I am a stupid stupid idiot.
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    floor press

    Hi I started the conjugated periodisation workout given by bigbang in another thread. Got to my max effort bench day and set up the power rack for floor press.. Got underneath it and the lowest pin setting was still too high for me to grab the bar and have my elbows on the floor. Is this how...
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    1000lb bench
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    The Recipe Thread !

    cool.. got any more dkm? which ones taste good in your opinion
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    Synthol Use among professionals?

    heh for anyone that doesnt know what Gregg looks like:
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