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    Any Italian recipes out there?

    it is a little funny honestly that you call it chicken parmesan with mozzarella =) but yeah, I like sauteeing onion and garlic and then add grount turkey and cook, then add plain tomato sauce and some spices, salt, pepper (i toss some jalepeno in there with the meat myself) tossed with some...
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    Best "real" foods

    cheese has no whey i think; whey is a byproduct of cheese production from milk
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    Dextrose: What Brand & Where To Buy? good price, 5lb bags, flat shipping rate as well i believe I have 10lbs of it, its good. froogle dextrose in case you were wondering, dextrose is dextrose.
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    Dextrose and Diabetes?

    Diabetes (Type 2) runs in my family, and so I was wondering... I'm 5'7", 152lbs Will pre/post WO dextrose (about 70g total between the two shakes) probably have a long term effect on the development of Type 2 Diabetes? I know nothing is definitely going to happen, but I was wondering if...
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    Eat protein and carbs together or seperate?

    if he didn't say so, he probably didn't mean every meal. the state the body is in/about to be in in the pre/post WO meals made him say that. I don't want to speak for bryan, but that's what i'd guess.
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    it doesn't have to be tuna. tuna is just easy. you could easily make your own meat or get canned chicken breast. and i agree with leegee38's post
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    Body Solid

    I'd recommend against the WPR78 because TDS ( and Powertec ( both have racks for similar prices but with more features, and the same lifetime-on-everthing style warranties The only real flaws with the WPR78 is the number of adjustment holes for...
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    Massive Eating

    thanks for clearing that up aaron. i'll heed your advice.
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    Massive Eating

    I weigh 148, and want to bulk. I play soccer 4x a week (about 1.5hrs each time) so that bumps up my calories significantly. my activity level is moderate, 1.3, i'm a student Massive eating would have me eating in the range of 4500 calories. bryan's eating for size article would have me more in...
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    Insanely low LBM?

    are you flexing your abs? I look just like you when i flex my abs, but when im not my belly shows somewhat (30" waist). when I saw that pic I thought you stole my body. (i look just like you, pretty weak, not too fat, but got a bit). I might be a bit chubbier than you if you're not flexing...
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    Massive Eating

    What do you guys think about his calorie calculations for Massive Eating? too much or would it work better than lower amounts? I read over all his stuff one weekend. It's got the science to back it up but I just wonder how much of a difference you'll really see by not combining fats and carbs...
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    Homemade leg press

    Wow that's pretty cool dkm. Nice job.
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    Hst help for rookie

    I'm not an expert, but from the posts/faqs i've read I'd pick: DB (BB if you could) Bench Bent-over rows E-Z or BB curls Military press (arnold is ok too, but military allows more weight) Squats Calf Raises then I'd add: SLDL, as you have nothing for your posterior chain (?-i mean hams and low...
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    What are SLDL?

    lol I mixed it all up. oh well there you go, dkm's got ya covered.
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    what happens on your 15-10-5RM day?

    ok thanks for clearing that up!
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    what happens on your 15-10-5RM day?

    On your 15-10-5 RM workout, your first set would be to failure, and you couldn't do any more sets if you were doing more than one, could you? Should you even try? I guess this is just a blank in my readings of this forum/faq thanks!
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    What are SLDL?

    I'd really go with the more romanian style SLDL, where the legs are slightly bent and the back never rounds. Rounding may be ok to some, but I just haven't seen enough proof to risk it. (click on iron then training then gym dork to diva then SLDL) has great pics of the SLDL...
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    Homemade leverage dip assist machine

    ASSISTED DIP MACHINE Built it in about an hour of actual working time. If you have no difficulties it'll probably take about 20 minutes. Materials/Tools: One 10-12' 2"x6" One 1" x 24" galvanized steel pipe (A...
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    Smith Machine or Power Rack

    I'd really go with a power rack. I have one in my home gym, and it works great. You get the advantage of free, natural movement during lifts, recruitment of more stabilizers, and you have the same safety you have in a smith machine. Plus a power rack usually costs a good deal less, and can come...
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    Working the back

    3--> I'm not sure why'd you'd want to isolate the lats, but if you really want to, I'd suggest straight-arm pulldowns Straight-arm pulldowns-standing you can also do them on a bench, but standing has much better range of motion As for the lower back, deadlifts rule, either kind. Good mornings...