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About the Author: Lyle McDonald

The Ketogenic Diet by Lyle McDonaldLyle McDonald became interested in the science of exercise and nutrition in high school through his involvement in martial arts, triathlon, gymnastics and weight training.   This led him to pursue a bachelor's of science degree in Kinesiology from the University of California at Los Angeles.  The curriculum included an overwhelming amount of basic human physiology, anatomy, biochemistry, endocrinology as well as coursework in exercise physiology, biomechanics and nutrition.

After graduation in 1993, he got involved in personal training in a variety of settings.  From this time until the present is when he really learned about some of the realities about training, nutrition etc.

Lyle got involved in the internet at the end of college, first posting to and then to (before it splintered into and a few others).  He has written over 40 articles which have been posted to the internet and which are archived on a variety of www pages including Cyberpump, Griffin's Weights page, and Kyle Wilson's Weights Page.   As far as his internet postings, he is probably most known for his 20 week Bodyopus diaries which chronicled his experiences with the diet (and many other topics including his pitiful social life).

In addition to his writing on the internet, Lyle has had articles published in Dan Duchaine's Dirty Dieting newsletter, Hardgainer magazine, and Dave Greenwalt's PowerStore Newsletter.

He has been working on what he hopes to be THE authoritative technical and practical handbook to the ketogenic and cyclical ketogenic diets for the past year and hopes to have it published in February 1999 so he can get on with his life.

Introduction to this forum

This column/forum exists to provide honest, accurate information about topics pertaining to training, nutrition and supplementation.   Any questions of this sort are welcome.  Contrary to popular belief, the Bodyopus (and other cyclical ketogenic diets) diet is not the only thing I can write about, it's just what I've focused on the past 2 years.

Please note that I am no expert of any sort on the use of steroids or other chemical compounds as they apply to bodybuilding and sporting performance.  I know just enough to be dangerous which is arguably worse than knowing nothing at all.  Questions pertaining to these topics should be addressed to Bill Roberts who has forgotten more about anabolic steroids than I will ever know.  The only compounds I am even passingly familiar with of this nature are those that have some application to ketogenic and cyclical ketogenic diets such as Bodyopus and I am happy to share what little knowledge and experience I have about them.

My feelings about a lot of topics pertaining to nutrition and training is that there is no one size fits all answer.  Rather any recommendations I may give or opinions I may have are totally context dependent.  An marathon runner has much different nutritional, supplement and training requirements than someone lifting for general fitness twice a week than someone who is an advanced bodybuilder.  So don't be surprised if similar questions get vastly different answers of if I say 'It depends' a lot.  Also realize that the same pieces of research can be interpreted differently by different people.  My opinions may differ from those you see elsewhere based on what I've read.

Guidelines for submitting questions

While I am happy to try to answer any questions within my particular areas of expertise, please do me a favor and provide as much information as you think is necessary.  It is difficult for me to answer questions about your diet without knowing details about your bodyweight, training background (especially current workout) and supplement status.   However I don't need a full life history of everything you've done since your first day in the weight room.  Somewhere between asking me "What diet should I follow?" without giving me any information and writing your life story will be best. In some cases, I may ask for clarification by private email before offering an answer or opinion.

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